WW2: My Questions regarding the Jewish role in causing Hitler to attack Poland in 1939


[An academic, whose email I published, said he would answer any questions I had, so I popped him this note. This will give you some idea of the concerns I have of the Jews and their role in being the direct cause of Hitler attacking Poland because of the slaughter of the German civilians in Poland. I suspect there is a very strong Jewish link in these affairs. Jan]
Dear XXX,Thank you very much for your response, I am glad you are happy.

I assume your family lived in Poland during the war?

Feel free to answer the questions one by one or grouped together.

Let’s begin with the most critical thing … the things that led up to the German attack on Poland.

My first most important question is this: The massacres of German civilians in Poland before the war.

The 54,000 German civilians massacred on Polish territory. Who was behind it?
I want every ounce of detail you can give me on the Jews and the role of Jews in Poland at the time.

I am under the impression that at some time in Poland’s past, I do not know when, that Poland had the highest percentage of Jews of any population of whites ever – 10%
I want to know the role the Jews played prior to the German attack and specifically in the massacres of German civilians and whether they had a hand in it.
And if so, what role they played.

Also what was the role of the Jews in Poland in Polish ideas to attack Germany, etc.

Why did the Poles boast that their cavalry would be Berlin by Christmas?


The academic wrote

On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 6:50 PM wrote:

Dear Jan,

Thank you for publishing my article on your site. I do appreciate this!

As far as sensitive issues of WW2 and related subjects are concerned, I may be of help, not only via my academic knowledge, but based on my family and other eyewitnesses’ testimonies also. But in order to provide you with quality and unbiased response I would need a list of very precise questions.

So, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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