WW2: Dennis Wise: Stalin’s Torch-men order: murder people & pretend the Germans did it…


[In an email to me Dennis Wise (of The Greatest Story Never Told added some additional info. This Torchmen order is in the Archives in the USA. Here in Africa the actions of the communists were despicable. They use atrocities as a means of moving their communist agenda forward. They kill whites or blacks or use mutilation for “political effect”. They’re garbage – a true Jewish invention! Jan]

Here’s my original story on it: 19 Pics: WW2: Soviets dressed as Germans killing people & Faked Photos – Stalin’s Order # 0428: the ‘Torch-Men-Order’ – http://historyreviewed.best/?p=6466

Here’s the short note from Dennis:

The order that Stalin gave for Soviets troops to wear German uniforms and massacre their own villages leaving one or two survivors was  No.0428   17 Nov 1941 

The order rests in the Washington US  archives  also known as the Torch-men order.

Hope you are well. 


2 thoughts on “WW2: Dennis Wise: Stalin’s Torch-men order: murder people & pretend the Germans did it…

  • 13th August 2018 at 3:55 am

    this is similar to what they did at katyn which the US covered up and blamed on germany, it wasnt until the germans bought iin neutral observers to uncover the graves that it was proven to be murders committed by jewish bolsheviks

    • 17th August 2018 at 10:22 am

      wrong nosdan. The western allies insisted on German guilt for this massacre until the 1990s when Gorbachev admitted the Soviets did it. I grew up reading all sorts of ww2 publications in the 70s-90s, and there often long discussions weighing up the katyn evidence, but in english the guilt was always laid on the Germans. The evidence presented for German guilt was mind-bogglingly detailed and convincing. So Gorbachev’s admission was my first big red pill, especially what filthy fucking liars Americans and Englishmen are. They are scum of the earth


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