Whites … Pedal to the Metal …. ACCELERATE … Let’s Torpedo the Jewish ship….

I’ve been posting some thing on the social media. I’m very glad to see that there are more and more ACCELERATIONISTS especially in the USA. I’m a firm accelerationist.

Here are some of my posts on the social media:

What made me laugh a lot today is how freaked out the Jews are by the blacks in NY who have been popping them … if not blowing them away then beating them up. Hahahaha. Its fucking awesome. Over here in SA the Jews and blacks are also going very wrong. I say: ACCELERATE: Pedal to the metal…. Let’s torpedo this Jew ship…


Are you referring to the blacks in New York who’ve been popping the Jews? I have been posting about it on my website and FUCKING LAUGHING. Over here in South Africa the Jews are losing even more. Their work with the blacks here is just falling apart. I will explain more later. But just follow the DA "Democratic Alliance" in S.Africa. Jews are starting to FUCKING LOSE! Its NOT working the way the Jewish filth thought it would.

Something else that had me laughing were the Jewish law makers in New York who were calling for a "State of Emergency" for Jews. I hope they do NOT GET IT. Fuck ’em. And if you live in NY, please, talk to the BLACKS about JEWS! Tell them about slavery and pedophilia, etc, etc. EDUCATE THEM. My prediction is that in the end, ALL RACES WILL HATE THE JEWS. Mark my words.

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