Whites need armed wings & paramilitary organisations: Jews killed our Souls: We must stop running & start FIGHTING!

[Here is another message from Joseph Walsh of The West’s Darkest Hour. I’ve highlighted certain paragraphs. My comments will be below it. Jan]

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your words. Do you remember when I interviewed you along with my co-host Jake for a radio show on Cesar Tort’s blog called The West’s Darkest Hour? It was back in summer 2017. I enjoyed speaking with you that day.

I’ll look forward to your video in the next day or so about why our race everywhere always loses to its enemies.

I’ve noticed our race has been losing constantly since 1945 in a sort of racial cold war. To be more precise we have been losing since Stalingrad in 1943 but at least the Germans and their allies were fighting to the death during the years 1943-1945. From 1945 onward Whites worldwide have stopped fighting and gone into a major retreat, both from our colonial possessions AND in what were once our own countries. Now only Eastern Europe is left as a White area of the globe and even that is starting to go. It is like Whites have lost the will to live and the will to fight. The once brave White Man has become a coward on the run from conflict with the Jews and the coloured races!

It is interesting what you say about the Portuguese using the most violence in Africa, I’ve been meaning to listen to that video you made on the Portuguese in Africa.

It is impossible for any animal or species to survive on Earth without using violence of some sort, without killing its enemies. Our forefathers were warriors, many of our people celebrate the Confederates or the Waffen SS yet when you speak with them about killing our enemies in the present they become scared. A cowardly race that won’t fight will go extinct, as it should!

You mention violence is the “politics of the deed.” Since the end of WWII in 1945 our race has been trying to win with propaganda alone such as flyers, stickers, websites, radio shows as well as marches/rallies, demonstrations, voting, writing books etc. None of it is enabling us to win against our enemies yet the pro-White movement keeps on doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result. We are not learning from our mistakes. Along with propaganda and political parties we need an armed wing, paramilitary organizations that show our enemies there are consequences for messing with us in order to dissuade them from doing so. We need White MEN again who endure prison, torture and death for their race, who sacrifice for their race like our forefathers did. If we won’t put anything on the table for our race we’re not going to get anything back. But there are very few of us who have the courage to pull that off. We must respect the few men like Joseph Paul Franklin, Bob Mathews/The Order, Barend Strydom, Dylann Roof, Robert Bowers etc. that do have the balls.

How many white males at present are planning to kill their enemies during their lifetime? Very few I bet. So with very few of us fighting it is no wonder we are losing. We are trying to save our race from the safety and comfort of our own homes by tapping on a keyboard like a civilian when we need soldiers and freedom fighters not civilians. White males seek to save their race from extinction through ‘legal’ and peaceful means. But there is no legal and peaceful solution to the survival of the white race. Look at the Blacks in America. They say “Fuck the police!” and break the law all the time, large numbers of them rape our own white women yet white boys will obey the Jews’ laws even if it means our own race’s extinction. Blacks all over Africa broke the laws of their White rulers and gave their lives to free their land from White rule. Have we Whites lost the ability to do the same?

Hi Joe,

Its really nice hearing from you. I had been thinking about the 3 of you quite a bit in recent months. I found it so interesting that you had Cesar from Mexico working with you. Its the first time I’ve come across a pro-white, white in South America and I really enjoyed it. I subsequently discovered that there are upwards of 120 million whites in Latin and South America! So we have a huge number of our race there. It excites me to see some, like Cesar coming forward. It shows, yet again, the massive potential POWER of RACE, and how we are NOT DOOMED, as long as we go with our natural logic and natural instincts. Hitler was definitely RIGHT!

I also enjoyed chatting to you, but I only had Jake’s email address. I had wondered if you guys were still busy doing your shows.

re: Portuguese

I was unaware of how vicious the Portuguese turned in their fights against the blacks. The first time I heard it, was out of President PW Botha’s own mouth. He said to me that he had told the Portuguese something like this: “You people claim to be integrating with the blacks but you practise a strategy of DOMINANCE!” The words I remember EXACTLY is him saying that they dominated the blacks. When he said this, I couldn’t understand it. It didn’t make sense. It was only in recent years that I learned that the Portuguese were truly vicious and determined in their fights against the blacks and that they eventually were more brutal than either the Boers or the Rhodesians. The Portuguese were WINNING and driving the blacks back  through this strategy. The Portuguese actually were doing very well and were smashing the blacks. They even slaughtered entire villages of blacks, if those blacks supported the communist terrorists. This is something the Rhodesians and Boers never did. But I applaud that. It IS the right thing to do.

re: White Race

Yes, the white race clearly has lost the WILL TO LIVE. I see it even in Russia. Whites EVERYWHERE have lost the basic drive to struggle and fight and be DETERMINED TO WIN AT ALL COSTS. It is gone. The last whites who truly fought with INTENSITY were the Germans and their European allies.

I agree with you, we have people who say we must kill our enemies, and then in a second they go weak at the knees when someone does something. I think it is because many are new to this and do not realise the brutality needed to win. But as you say, look at the blacks in the USA and South Africa and the violence they use and how keen they are to break the law. Antifa are taking baseball bats and knives with them when they try to confront normal whites. This is WAR. It is not normal fun. Jewry uses and supports VIOLENCE. Jewry invents the lies and excuses needed to make VIOLENCE ACCEPTABLE AND MORAL. Jewry invent the lies to make it immoral for whites to defend themselves. Whites need to get out of this Jewish mind-control of our race.

I think that whites are DEAD SPIRITUALLY. I’m not using the term spiritual to mean Christianity. I mean that inside of ourselves, our “soul”, if you will, has died. I think Dr Goebbels said it the best when he said that if the Jews were to win the war, that  humanity would fall into a “dull and primitive state”. I think it speaks for the souls and motivation of whites. We are by nature energetic and alive. We explore, we build, we conquer, we fight. We’re ALIVE. Now all of that has been taken away from us. We can’t explore, we can’t build, we are not allowed to conquer or fight or to colonise. We white men are DEAD inside. Furthermore, we’ve been turned into WOMEN. Its sickening. We’re at the point where fat white girls in ANTIFA are more pumped up and driven into a state ready to fight than white males are. It is a truly pathetic state.

I think white men and white women are DYING INSIDE. The men and women are obese, are morbid. I think the Jews have destroyed our souls by having our cucked leaders control us to the extent that they have, and deep down, I think whites are struggling MENTALLY to survive and fight back. If all this Jewish Liberal crap was removed you would see our entire race jump up in excitement and with energy.

I think having enemies is good for us. Dr Pierce said a similar thing, that eternal peace is NOT a good thing.

Our soul died in WW2. The death of Germany and its allies was the death of our race and ever since we’ve been pathetic in the extreme. We must awaken ourselves, find ourselves, and white men must get militant, DETERMINED AS HELL and ORGANISED and we must be chomping at the bit to tear our enemies apart and to see their blood spattered everywhere. Only then will we finally be WHITE MEN and only then will we finally be ALIVE.

Our bodies are sick because our minds are sick. All our problems are mental, and it comes from the Jew. We have a mental POISON that has made us hate ourselves and it is physically destroying our entire race. We need to snap out of it. Sending the Jews packing and killing our enemies would be the healthiest thing we could do. We’d come alive I tell you. We must STOP RUNNING AND START FIGHTING! Jan]

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  • 7th November 2019 at 12:58 am

    Another reason that Whites are not rebelling may be because many are strung out on processed foods.

    A new textbook entitled Processed Food Addiction: Foundation, Assessment and Recovery argues that eating processed foods is the equivalent of recreational drug use.

    It also argues that the current obesity epidemic is caused by widespread addiction to processed foods.

    The book notes that “Science has demonstrated similarities between chronic overeating and drug addiction to the point where the possibility of chronic overeating functioning as an addiction cannot be ignored.”

    The textbook goes on to state that, “To fully grasp chronic overeating as an addiction to processed foods, assumptions about behavior, mental health, cultural norms, and business practices may benefit from re-evaluation.”

    “Examples of shift in perspective include:

    *clients are not weak-willed; rather they have a mental illness;

    *biochemically, processed foods act more like recreational drugs than food

    *processing concentrates the natural opiates in plants into addictive substances

    *children can be addicted across a range of severity

    *governments have abdicated their role in regulating processed foods

    *there’s substantial evidence supporting the concept of addiction to processed foods

    *media is not reporting on scientific advances in the field

    *process food addiction may be a more helpful diagnosis than eating disorder or obesity ”

    This type of addiction may explain why many white people are lethargic in response to their own genocide.

    Book info here:


    A good Youtube interview with book editor Joan Ifland can be found here:


  • 14th November 2018 at 6:03 am

    Hi Jan

    Thanks for another response to a comment of mine. I don’t know how many real whites are in South America (and Central America), you say it is over 120 million, but regardless of how many they are they must not be forgotten! They are our blood brothers and blood sisters as much as whites anywhere else on planet Earth. I am a pan-Aryan or pan-white racialist in that I am concerned with the survival of my race on Earth as a whole, not only the survival of whites in North America or in Europe etc. Our race is the most important thing. White countries come and go, white empires come and go, even white nations come and go but the fundamental basis of our race remains. I have a friend of mine who said that the whites from Latin America were some of the most racially-conscious whites he’s met. He says whites (at the moment) were mostly cucks whichever white country they were from but the South American whites stood out as more racist than other whites. Being ‘racist’ is not such a taboo in South America as it is for whites elsewhere. He reckons they have a better chance to survive than other whites. Yes, our race is not doomed-yet. We still have a chance to survive. What that chance is I don’t know. I know the odds are against us at the moment. Maybe we have a 25% chance to survive? Maybe less? Or maybe more? I don’t know. But we definitely still have a chance that’s for sure. It’s not over yet. It will be over if our race reaches the ‘point of no return’ when it no longer has any chance to survive and is doomed to extinction. And that is still some time away.

    I can send you an e-mail address of mine if you want to have some contact. Me and Jake haven’t co-hosted any shows on TWDH for some time but there have been numerous shows that I have hosted on my own. Some of these discuss violent revolution. I think you’d like them! I can send you links to those shows if you’d like. I can record another interview with you for The West’s Darkest Hour if you want. I just need to buy some new speakers and then I’ll be ready to go.

    A White Man who influenced me greatly in my belief that our race has lost the will to live was Revilo P. Oliver who’s works I started reading 10 years ago. Like you I can see our race’s degeneration in Eastern Europe as well, including Russia. All over Earth our species has lost its vital instincts, its will to fight and perpetuate itself. We no longer kill our enemies and we are reproducing less. It is not confined to any one white nation but a phenomena that extends to the white race as a whole wherever it exists on Earth. It is a biological phenomena. Our race or our species has become unfit to survive.

    We have people who post pictures on the internet of big, tough White warriors and they are proud we are a warrior race. But when you talk with them about the dangerous (but NECESSARY) task of killing our enemies in the present like our warrior forefathers did they become scared. They fully expect other White Men are going to do the fighting for them and they won’t have to endure any suffering. Yet even when other White MEN do make the ultimate sacrifice for their race and fight for them like Fred Cowan, Frank Spisak, Anders Breivik, Robert Bowers etc. these disgraceful cowards condemn them as “bad for the movement” or make the old excuse “they chose the wrong targets” (there never seems to be a right target for these people). No, these men are not bad for the movement, what’s bad for the movement is cowards like them who refuse to fight! Who can’t even support those who do fight! It is because of idiots like this who want to just continue with marches, protests, websites, radio shows, flyers etc. i.e. the same old failed methods of the past 73 years that our race will become extinct. Fighting means shedding the blood of our enemies. If even the white males who want their race to survive won’t kill their enemies then our race deserves extinction.

    People in the movement want playtime and funtime all their lives. They hate it when a White Man hits back against the enemy because it makes things serious. They don’t want war. They want to LARP as Nazis but never fight in the real world. Traditionally a nation or race survives through young men sacrificing their lives in fighting the enemy without living to see victory. It is called war. Yet how many of us in the movement plan to sacrifice our lives fighting the enemy with no possibility of seeing victory? Very few of us I bet. None of us want to wage war therefore we are losing. People will talk about how the Jews are in a war with our race. Well why don’t we kill our enemies as happens in most wars? Jews are not hard to find. Yet white males can’t or won’t fight back so we deserve everything we get and will get everything we deserve.

    I agree that whites are dead spiritually. I have a theory that something happened, something went wrong with whites minds when Adolf Hitler committed suicide. I put 30/04/1945 as when our entire race went into some sort of coma that nothing seems to wake it up from. It is like our race is governed by a collective psyche or collective unconscious and since 1945 our collective unconscious has had a death wish installed in it. The entire white race behaves in a suicidal, self-destructive way yet no matter how bad circumstances become for us as a result of our suicidal behaviour NOTHING causes us to fight back. Not even the minority of whites who want their race to survive fight back. I wonder what will it take to get us to fight back? If even imminent racial extinction doesn’t cause white males to kill their enemies then nothing will and our race will become extinct overwhelmed and submerged by billions of non-whites.

    Either Hitler and Germany’s fight in WWII was the last gasp of our race and from then it is all downhill to extinction OR our race will survive in which case this period is a temporary blip, a malaise where our race is malfunctioning due to centuries of Jewish thought control. If we can mentally recover from this disease that now seems mortal then Nazi Germany will not be the last gasp of our race but the beginning of the end for the Jews and the coloured races. If our race does continue to survive serious work by future white historians, biologists, sociologists etc. needs to be done studying this post-WWII period to find out exactly WHAT went wrong with our race and to ensure it never happens again. I agree our race has been pathetic in the extreme since the end of WWII. Only 73 years ago the Waffen SS men were fighting heroically alongside their allies in the Battle of Berlin and in such a short space of time our race has degenerated into a decadent, cowardly, pathetic bunch of cucks and weaklings who have surrendered loads of territory that was once theirs. In 1945 our race ruled 9/10ths of the globe’s surface. Yet all our colonies have been given away and even worse even large swathes of territory in our own countries has been given away to enemy races. Soon we will be giving away entire countries until North America, Europe and Australia/ New Zealand become part of the coloured world. We really need to understand exactly how this tragedy happened.

    White males need to learn to HATE our enemies again, we need to become militant, violent and brutal exactly as our forefathers were, we need to make the White Man the Apex Predator of Earth again. Then, as you say, white males will know what it means to be White MEN again!

  • 13th November 2018 at 9:11 am

    I have known of this mental state for many decades now. I felt very much different back in 1972 when I first became truly Jew wise and a National Socialist. Since then I have spoken out so many times only to be stabbed in the back by fellow Whites and punished by the Jews, I am going through all that yet again. I am sick to the teeth of this, it is why I only fight now for my own revenge and survival, I have been betrayed by my own race too many times now, so let them suffer, and eventually go extinct.


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