On pieville another guy wrote to me: also american whites are sick and tired of paying taxes to feed niggers and mexicans.

I replied:

@Goyimknows That’s GREAT NEWS. Over here some whites have even spoken about a tax revolt. Its beautiful… I’m very happy that whites there are getting tired of paying for the blacks. Beautiful. And CUT OFF AID TO AFRICA AS WELL. Give Africa NOTHING. No food, no medicine. It will help us more than several shiploads of weapons. NO FREE STUFF FROM AMERICA AND EUROPE FOR AFRICA. GIVE THEM NOTHING. You’ll be giving us LIFE! Then we can rock and rock….

One thought on “White Americans & Europeans: DO NOT GIVE ANY AID TO AFRICA WHATSOEVER … NONE…

  • 31st December 2019 at 9:02 am

    I think thats very wrong and selfish to not help a helpless people. Since all the help of technology, food production & medicine has simply made their situation worse may I suggest we give them the greatest gift of all. Its called Ebola soup.

    Just one Ebola soup will keep them full & warm and end all their suffering. 1 Ebola soup does not cost much, you can import that strain of soup from Congo. Ordering is as simple as sponsoring a few from a certain district, and if you order now within the next 48 hours, not only can you get one, not two but three heading South.

    Just one Ebola soup makes the population go down.

    Why the hell has that Ebola soup not arrived anywhere South of Angola yet? WTF is it scared to tackle this lot here in the deep South. It could do some marvelous work here. Trying to get a sponsor to get some in here. Or we can buy the bones & the Sangomas can sell it as snuff.


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