When Is It OK to Hate: Jan & Jim Rizoli discussion: Whites must strive for RACIAL POWER & TO WIN AT ALL COSTS – Nietzsche

Jim Rizoli wrote this:

On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 4:08 PM Jim wrote:

Typical talking heads that waste their time on nonsense and never criticize the Jews is that who you want to listen to.

This guy Bill will not even talk to me anymore because I exposed his bullshit.
I’m not saying that they’re not making some good points but they never ever go to the heart of the problem and they skirt around it and they never call out the Jews.
Just another group guys who are acting as control opposition whether they know it or not.
Nice fellas but they just don’t get it or they get it but they don’t want to talk about it.


Hi Jim,

I agree with you. We can talk… endlessly… until the day we DIE … without achieving anything.

I am a firm believer that one needs to work towards actual goals of some kind. Whatever they are. My own personal view is that we are building a FOUNDATION FOR A WHITE GLOBAL FUTURE.
And we MUST have a “Will to Power” to quote Nietzsche. I’m a serious believer in it. Education and information is excellent and we must be producing it constantly until we die – because it is a benefit to all whites, especially those who will follow us. To NOT care about the future for whites is, in my view, utterly sinful – of the worst kind. But we must not be content with just babbling on without actual goals.

There are, for example, many, ROAD BLOCKS that stand in our way. The Jews are constantly throwing new roadblocks in our way. e.g. demonetization, bannings, etc. We need to counter their tactics with our counter tactics. One must not sit and cry in a heap. We need to solve actual problems so that we can rise to the next level and engage our enemies even more intensely there. And, we need to pick up the pieces, where the enemy shattered people, movements, structures on our side and we must repair it and get people back into action.

I am very much against a weepy, cry-baby approach. We have people who want us to FAIL as a RACE and they are doing all they can to stop us from having our way. Our goal must be, to quote Nietzsche: “to OVERCOME THEM” – i.e. DEFEAT THEM … and drive them back. The more effective we are, THE MORE RESISTANCE will come at us. We must just think, tactically and strategically about the things that we must overcome, and go for it.

You CANNOT negotiate the most important things in life. Its not possible. Its a liberal./Jew lie. There is no win-win when you’re dealing with actual enemies. There are winners and there are losers and we must work like fiends to BE WINNERS. Nietzsche, very carefully described the process. He is right. You CANNOT have change without pain.

Even we males have become women. We sit and talk helplessly day by day. We could talk for 500 years and still get nowhere. You should see the stupid way South Africa runs. Everyone, with an IQ down to 60 or less has a dumb ass opinion. The one is a bigger RETARD, IDIOT, FOOL than the next … and yet each IDIOT has a chance to talk his shit. And everyone, including the white Liberals just sit and TALK and there is NO ACTION.

I’m not saying we must run out and kill people tomorrow. But we must look for the things that are ROAD BLOCKS in the way of white racial success, and we must try to find ways around it or through it or work to smash it. We must aim for actual progress and be aware that IT WILL INVOLVE PAIN AND STRUGGLE.

You cannot make real progress WITHOUT PAIN. Its never been any different.

I think in the process of many defeats and failures it has however, forced us into closer co-operation and teamwork and I think its very healthy and bodes well for us. One day we will experience some collective victories.

But we must not be shy, we must think big, think POWER POWER POWER and say: How are we going to get that in our hands? We must strive for raw, determined power. Don’t be guilty about it. Aim for it, seize it, and try and smash any racial enemy who tries to prevent us from getting it.


3 thoughts on “When Is It OK to Hate: Jan & Jim Rizoli discussion: Whites must strive for RACIAL POWER & TO WIN AT ALL COSTS – Nietzsche

  • 4th October 2019 at 12:11 am

    This was really excellent, Jan. Your message is extremely straight forward, honest, realistic, and most of all, it carries an underlying hope and optimism for the future of whites. I can think of plenty of good white men who will benefit from reading this. It might help to improve some of the black pilled attitude that is afflicting some of the really great content creators on Bitchute. Many have been admitting quite freely lately they need to take some breaks from cranking out truth, as it is wearing on them & causing some depression and feelings of hopelessness, which all of us can relate to. Breaks are necessary, but more than that, many of the men are at a point where they are desperate to take action of some sort, and are frustrated they aren’t sure how to go about effectively organizing something.
    Perhaps something along the lines of “Patriot Front”, a fine group of patriotic young men in the USA who are still not very well known, only locally but not on the national level, yet….https://patriotfront.us/

  • 3rd October 2019 at 10:15 pm

    Only recently started to listen to Ethno State/DailyKenn. IMO they can be very good for influencing/changing peoples’ minds. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkCA_SkGlhA – Rehabilitating the concept of Hate could be good for us having been called the “haters”. Now the left has all these “climate” fear-mongers expressing hate, hate, hate. ADL continually updates their list of “hate” symbols. Hate is an emotion NOT a crime.
    “We do urge hate: If you love something, that love requires you to hate anything that threatens its survival.” — Matthew Hale
    Lots to hate: I hate the jew wars. When the Zio-US wants to go to war, we are told who to hate. “Hate speech” laws tell us who not to hate. In an upside down world this makes sense.

    • 3rd October 2019 at 11:46 pm

      DailyKenn is limited hangout – I tried him out a little over a year ago. This man he has on is clearly either withholding his knowledge or else is an idiot, as it is well known this ridiculous child is an actor, from a family of actors, including both of her parents (her father is also a director) as well as her grandparents. It is also known she sailed to the USA for her UN debut on a multi million dollar yacht owned by a German who purchased it from a Rothschild, so needless to say this young girl and her parents are traveling in some very non-grass-roots circles. The huge mega corps have long been in line to reap the rewards of this farce of climate change, number one being Goldman Sachs.
      I could not agree more with your comment in general, however, especially the last sentence. I am relieved to see this past year has done wonders in helping to wake up what were otherwise sleeping idiot drones. I am encourage more by the day just in the huge uptick in traffic at activist websites/blogs I’ve visited for years who normally had low traffic. It’s also a confusing time, as it is very clear to see there are many varied levels of awareness among the people. I hate to see some of the in-fighting that continues to occasionally tarnish what would otherwise be healthy conversations among we whites, but knowing Bitchute and really any other platform at large, it’s likely sayanim hasbara Jew trolls. There is more than enough information online video documenting Israeli students and IDF soldiers as these very same trolls, perpetrating to be monitoring for “hate speech” when in reality they are targeting any and all text and data that threatens to expose the truth as most of us are now being to know it.


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