Vladimir Putin confirms Hitler & NAZIs were RIGHT: The original Bolshevik Communist Govt was JEWISH!

[Hitler, the most lied about white man who ever lived had said all along that Jews and communism were one. I’ll show you more truths about this. Hitler was the greatest fighter of communism who ever lived. Here is one of many news articles where Putin openly stated that the original Bolsheviks were actually JEWISH!

The Jews worked for decades to create the revolution that we know as the Bolshevik Revolution, which went on to result in the slaughter of 60 million white Christians – a holocaust you won’t hear much about.

By the way: JTA = Jewish Telegraph Agency. Jan]

Here’s the article about Putin:

Putin: First Soviet government was mostly Jewish

Speaking at Moscow’s Jewish Museum, Russian president says politicians ‘were guided by false ideological considerations’

JTA — Russian President Vladimir Putin said that at least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish.

“I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Putin was referencing the library of Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. The books, which are claimed by Chabad representatives in the United States, began being moved to the museum in Moscow this month.

According to the official transcription of Putin’s speech at the museum, he went on to say that the politicians on the predominantly Jewish Soviet government “were guided by false ideological considerations and supported the arrest and repression of Jews, Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims and members of other faiths. They grouped everyone into the same category.

“Thankfully, those ideological goggles and faulty ideological perceptions collapsed. And today, we are essentially returning these books to the Jewish community with a happy smile.”

Widely seen as the first Soviet government, the Council of People’s Commissars was formed in 1917 and comprised 16 leaders, including chairman Vladimir Lenin, foreign affairs chief Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin, who was in charge of the People’s Commissariat of Nationalities.

Source: https://www.timesofisrael.com/putin-first-soviet-government-was-mostly-jewish/

One thought on “Vladimir Putin confirms Hitler & NAZIs were RIGHT: The original Bolshevik Communist Govt was JEWISH!

  • 21st December 2017 at 7:34 pm

    List naming the top 556 bolshevik top figures in Soviet Government – by ethnicity:
    At that time there were approx 1% to 2% Russians that were Jewish (they
    are 2% in America).

    Robert Wilton was based in Moscow as a Journalist for the Times of
    London throughout the period of the Bolshevik revolution. In 1919, the
    Soviet Press provided a list of 556 of the top figures of the Soviet
    Government, identifying their ethnicity. Wilton obtained this list and
    included it as an “appendix’ in his book, “The Last Days of the
    Romanovs,” 1920.

    The list included 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts
    (Latvians), 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1
    Czech, 1 Karaim (Jewish sect) and 457(!) Jews. This list is provided
    below. Jews, in fact, totally dominated the government of the Soviet

    Central Committee

    62 Members 42 Jews 20 Gentiles

    Name and Nationality:

    Sverdlov (president) Jew
    Avanessof (secretary) Armenian
    Bruno Lett(Latvian)
    Babtchinski Jew
    Bukharin Russian
    Gailiss Jew
    Ganzburg Jew
    Danichevski Jew
    Starck German
    Scheinmann Jew
    Erdling Jew
    Landauer Jew
    Linder Czech (Probably Jew)
    Dimanstein Jew
    Encukidze Georgian
    Ermann Jew
    Joffe Jew
    Karkline Jew
    Knigissen Jew
    Rosenfeldt (Kamenef) Jew
    Apfelbaum (Zinovief) Jew
    Krylenko Russian
    KrassikofSachs Jew
    Kaprik Jew
    Kaoul Lett
    Ulyanov (Lenin) Russian (part Jew)
    Latisis Jew
    Lander Jew
    Lounstcharski Russian
    Peterson Lett
    Peters Lett
    Roudzoutas Jew
    Rosine Jew
    Smidovitch Jew
    Stoutchka Lett
    Nakhamkes (Steklof) Jew
    Sosnovski Jew
    Skrytnik Jew
    Bronstein (Trotskyu) Jew
    Teodorovitch Jew
    Terian Armenian
    Ouritski Jew
    Telechkine Russian
    Feldmann Jew
    Froumkine Jew
    Souriupa Ukranian
    Tchavtchevadze Georgian
    Scheikmann Jew
    Rosental Jew
    Achkinazi Imeretian (Jew)
    Karakhane Karaim (Jew)
    Rose Jew
    Sobelson (Radek) Jew
    Schlichter Jew
    Schikolini Jew
    Chklianski Jew
    Levine (Prafdine) Jew

    Extraordinary Commission of Moscow:-

    36 Members 24 Jews 12 Gentiles

    Name and Nationality:-

    Dzerjinski (president) Pole (Jew)
    Peters (vice-president) Lett
    Chklovski Jew
    Kheifiss Jew
    Zeistine Jew
    Razmirovitch Jew
    Kronberg Jew
    Khaikina Jewess
    Karlson Lett
    Schaumann Jew
    Leontovitch Jew
    Jacob Goldine Jew
    Glaperstein Jew
    Kniggisen Jew
    Latzis Lett
    Schillenkuss Jew
    Janson Lett
    Rivkine Jew
    Antonof Russian
    Delafabre Jew
    Tsitkine Jew
    Roskirovitch Jew
    G. Sverdlof Jew
    Beisenski Jew
    Blioumkine Jew
    Alexandrevitch Russian
    I. Model Jew
    Routenberg Jew
    Pines Jew
    Sachs Jew
    Daybol Lett
    Saissoune Armenian
    Daylkenen Lett
    Liebert Jew
    Bogel German
    Zakiss Lett

    The Council of the Peoples Commissars:-

    22 Members 17 Jews 5 Gentiles

    Ministry, Name and Nationality:-

    President Ulyanov (Lenin) Russian (part Jew)
    Foreign Affairs Tchitcherine Russian
    Nationalities Djugashvili (Stalin) Georgian
    Agriculture Protian Armenian
    Economic Council Lourie (Larine) Jew
    Food Schlichter Jew
    Army & Navy Bronstein (Trotsky) Jew
    State Control Lander Jew
    State Lands Kauffman Jew
    Works V. Schmidt Jew
    Social Relief E. Lelina (Knigissen) Jewess
    Public Instructions Lounatcharsky Russian
    Religions Spitzberg Jew
    Interior Apfelbaum (Zinovief) Jew
    Hygiene Anvelt Jew
    Finance Isidore Goukovski Jew
    Press Voldarski Jew
    Elections Ouritski Jew
    Justice I. Steinberg Jew
    Refugees Fenigstein Jew
    Refugees (assist.) Savitch Jew
    Refugees (assist.) Zaslovski Jew

    Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party:-

    12 Members: 10 Jews 2 Gentiles

    Name and Nationality:-

    Bronstein (Trotsky) Jew
    Apfelbaum (Zinovief) Jew
    Lourie (larine) Jew
    Ouritski Jew
    Voldarski Jew
    Rosenfeldt (Kamanef) Jew
    Smidovitch Jew
    Sverdlof (Yankel) Jew
    Nakhamkes (Steklof) Jew
    Ulyanov (Lenin) Russian
    (part Jew) Krylenko Russian
    Lounatcharski Russian

    Central Committees:-

    Mensheviks: 11 members, all Jews
    Communists of the People: 6 members, 5 Jews
    Socialist Rev. Party (Right Wing): 15 members, 13 Jews
    Socialist Rev. Party (Left Wing): 12 members, 10 Jews
    Committee of the Anarchists: 5 members, 4 Jews
    Polish Communist Party: 12 members, all Jews
    Ministry of the Commissariat: 22 Members 17 Jews 5 Gentiles

    Central Executive Committee:-

    61 Members 41 Jews 20 Gentiles


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