Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs, Germans in Antarctica; Vietnam War & much more!

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We began our chat with me discussing military secrecy and a video I did called: How America built UFOs – which really is about military secrecy. The reason I used that title is because the aircraft the USA built were responsible for 50% of the UFO sightings in America.

Tom then began talking about his interest in UFOs and the Germans in Antarctica. We discuss the north pole and the south pole and weird things about it. He discussed captured German submarines that had left Europe after WW2.

Tom talks about what he learned first hand from white American marines who fought in Vietnam. He talks about a black and white race war that broke out during Vietnam, where black and whites troops shot each other; and where American soldiers killed their own officers they hated them so much. The term for killing officers in Vietnam is known as fragging. Hundreds of American officers were fragged in Vietnam. You can find some statistics on this on wikipedia:

We discuss whites in other parts of the world including Russia, the Ukraine, Iran and Syria. There are many other whites whom we should be working with.

We discuss the madness of American Christian Zionists who will die for Israel as well as kill for Israel. Tom says that white Christian Zionists in the USA are insane enough to harm America for the sake of Israel and their stupid beliefs relating to Israel.

In my chat with Tom I mentioned this video: Video: How America built UFOs . I also have another article on the topic which was written by Ingrid who was the wife of the late great: Ernest Zundel (who could be called Canada’s Rockwell!). Here’s the article: WW2: NAZI UFOs: Did German scientists retreat to Antarctica secretly?

4 thoughts on “Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs, Germans in Antarctica; Vietnam War & much more!

  • 22nd July 2018 at 11:44 pm

    I enjoyed Tom Metzger as always, and this was a thoughtful podcast, although I’m not sure about the Nazis in the Antarctic thing.
    A good book on Vietnam is Soldier, by Anthony herbert. he was America’s most decorated combat soldier (Korea), and was colonel in the Americal division in Vietnam, annoying the brass with reports of incompetence and atrocities. Herbert made the point America lost Vietnam because of a lousy officer corps more concerned with ticket-punching their careers then winning. He also felt the war should have remained counterinsurgency, feeling when you brought in armor, artillery, bombing, it just gave more opportunities for officers to make rank. he documented fragging,and blamed a lot of commanders for brushing things aside and not make waves to wreck their careers.
    Another good book on Rome /Christianity is Julian, by Gore Vidal, a novel about Julian the Apostate, who was Constantine’s cousin and tried to bring paganism back. A very detailed account of the religious/political world then.
    It’s agreed by many that Rome’s big problem wasn’t the Christians, but they had trouble with imperial succession. Also, a terrible civil war in the late empire didn’t help. Rome also became economically stagnant, and without money you can’t fund an army, and so things fell apart.
    I’m a Christian, and believe Christianity was a synthesis of several religions. Mithraism used many elements (eastern birth, baptism, etc.) that were taken by the Christians. Certainly the Isis cult, very popular, was where we got Mary, which is a corrupted version of Venus.
    Rome allowed any religion as long as they accepted the emperor as a god. Worship Caesar, and you were left alone. The Christians wouldn’t do this. As Dennis Wheatley wrote in The Devil and All His Works, Christianity was seen by the Roman establishment as a subversive religion preaching social equality. He compared it to the effect communism has had in our age.

  • 30th June 2018 at 5:34 am

    You wanna get the Negroes going crazy…crazier? Make a video showing Wakanda is in the Antarctic!

  • 29th June 2018 at 11:26 am

    it is not about the minerals at the North Pole…all ancient accounts from fishermen of Norway to explorer Jon Mercator of the Crown’s Court all tell of what is there…. It is told in documents and ancient maps found in works like Inventio Fortunata


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