Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Jews infiltrate White thinking and also the NAZI Rockwell

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We discuss how Tom got into politics and how he began to understand the Jewish problem. So we focus on the events of the 1960s.

Tom worked as a TV Technician and later worked for Douglas aircraft. The company owner was a patriotic American and an avid anti-communist.

Tom learned a lot later when he joined the John Birch society.

In the John Birth Society they threw people out of the organisation who read certain banned books. They had a list of “banned books” that their members were told NOT to read! Tom had read them ALL and he was thrown out of the organisation.

On of those banned books was: Iron Curtain over America. In that book the topic of the Jews is brought up.

Tom was also influenced by Dr Stuart Crane who gave a lecture called: Proofs of a Conspiracy.

We discuss Tom’s support for the Jew Barry Goldwater who tried running for US President. We go into much more detail regarding George Wallace whom the NAZI George Lincoln Rockwell supported. Wallace was one of several governors of states who was apparently against the race mixing in schools which was about to be done in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was here where the whites lost their opportunity to stop the Jewish Liberal agenda. And the whites failed. Tom discusses this.

Tom explains how he later found out that George Wallace was a fraud, like all other politicians who stand up for whites.

We discuss George Lincoln Rockwell and what Tom knew about him then and what he thought of him. He explains how Rockwell learned about the Jews by being told to read the Babylonian Talmud. We discuss his death and Pattler who is said to have killed him.

Tom explains that he became anti-War as a result of the Vietnam war.

Tom explains why he ran as a Democrat for congress and why whites must hunt for white racialists on the LEFT.

Tom believes, and I agree, that once you understand the Jews, that they are actually easy to fight.

Tom talks about a really strange and interesting thing that General Montgomery said to the Queen about Africa and what should be done about Africa.

Tom makes the interesting point that real National Socialism has NEVER been tried in the USA.

6 thoughts on “Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Jews infiltrate White thinking and also the NAZI Rockwell

  • 23rd August 2018 at 4:49 pm

    Trump just tweeted about the South Africa farm murders…and the Jews are shitting all over themselves…good for Trump.

  • 21st August 2018 at 1:47 pm

    The question is…How does someone like Tom,who has been around the block ,knows many people,believe that Hitler was a war monger.? Can he be this ignorant? Maybe he is hard headed,or maybe the Jews have gotten to him.

    • 21st August 2018 at 7:25 pm

      well maybe in the sense if Herr Hitler had not attacked poland/ussr and gotten Germany totally military superior to all other military combined,things would be different now,just guessing.

      • 23rd August 2018 at 7:27 am

        Stalin planned to attack Germany late 1942 the latest – why else would maps of the German border region be issued to Red Army officers on the ground?

        Poland was offered an alliance, it was offered a plebiscite for the Corridor, which the democratic ironically declined. Poland had a chance to deal with the looming conflict peacefully but chose not to.

        Let us not forget it is Britain and France who declared war on Germany. That Britain debated invading countries such as Norway (Altmark incident anyone?) and the Netherlands preemptively, leaving Germany no choice but to move first.

        America immediately started dealing weapons with the Brits (destroyers for bases for example), choosing sides effectively from the get go.

      • 23rd August 2018 at 4:48 pm

        you obviously have no clue of anything….like Polish communists butchering German women and children..and operation Thunder..USSR was already making preparations to invade…


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