Video: #TeamWhite 2019 #4D: S.Africa: A White Civilisation … but NO WHITES TO BE SEEN!!

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In this video I give Alex Linder a taste of what South Africa is like in the area where I live. Alex really liked this. I will be doing more of this. This is also experimental for me because I want to use this for my American and Canadian visit photos.

This is the final portion of TeamWhite #4 that Alex and I were doing. We experienced a number of technical problems which made the whole exercise tricky. Alex has a bad Internet connection and he was dropping off, and I had some bugs in my new program. So you will see and hear a few of our problems. I had to do a lot of fixing and debugging, but this exercise ultimately helped me a lot. You will be seeing more visual material.

One thought on “Video: #TeamWhite 2019 #4D: S.Africa: A White Civilisation … but NO WHITES TO BE SEEN!!

  • 23rd September 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks Jan. As someone who lived in such an area of SA during the era of white government, I find your report very interesting.

    I also lived in Hillbrow during the good days. Now the place is a grotesque warning to other white nations about what organized Jewry and their collaborators intend doing to them.


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