Video: South Africa’s 911: SAA Flight 295: The Helderberg 1987 – Part 3

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I go through the evidence in detail including the forensic evidence and including statements by various experts. I mention a British anti-terrorist expert, Southerd who said that an incendiary device in the cargo hold could have caused The Helderberg crash.

What exactly was the sequence of events in the plane. I discuss how Boers and foreign experts collaborated and studied the evidence and how their reports reinforced one another to show what had happened.

What of various theories including the statement that the Japanese Red Army might have been responsible for bringing down The Helderberg. A South Korean Boeing 707 was definitely brought down by the Japanese Red Army within a few days of the crash of The Helderberg. Learmont, the editor of an influential aeronautical magazine said that the downing of The Helderberg was almost certainly terrorism. He said the circumstantial evidence pointed clearly to that.

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