Video: Please DIE Quietly…

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Tens of thousands of people can be murdered and their screams will NEVER be heard. I discuss how I changed from a wonky peacenik into realising that we whites should spend every spare minute we have working on our racial politics. I discuss the useless bastards, cucks, swines, spineless cowards and assorted pieces of shit who masquerade as liberals, politicians, journalists, etc. It is these worthless bastard politicians who signed the death warrants of whites. I agree with Alex Linder that we should not give two faced journalists any interviews.

I read from one of the chapters of my book Government by Deception. There are only two outlets in the world who still sell my book and here is where you can get an ebook version of it:

3 thoughts on “Video: Please DIE Quietly…

  • 2nd August 2017 at 5:21 pm

    I purchased your book Jan. Well written and important information that was actively suppressed here in the US. God bless you for your courage and tenacity. So many of us were brainwashed into tacitly supporting the ‘anti-apartheid’ movement in the 80’s. Please add me to your mailing list, brother.

    • 6th August 2017 at 4:21 am

      Hi rue
      Few people buy my book. So I am grateful for that. Thank you. Don’t feel bad about supporting anti apartheid. Your were being lied to by the Jews. We were lied into becoming liberals. All whites, everywhere have been lied to massively. What really matters is that now we can speak to each other properly. That’s what’s really important and the more we can educate fellow whites the better.

      The Jews now work through the Adl which now censors via Google. It is insane the lengths they go to but their entire structure is built on nothing but lies. They have to keep the truth away from everyone especially white people. That’s how our works!!!



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