Video: Jewish Warfare versus White Race Warfare


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Most people think of warfare as being like WW2. This is completely WRONG! 95% of warfare is nothing like that at all. In fact, much of warfare is actually non-violence. I discuss the White Race’s unique style of warfare which is about applying the maximum violence in a highly structured way. Nobody matches our ability for the Intelligent use of EXTREME VIOLENCE! Jewish warfare is a newer concept. I think we’ve seen a rise in Jewish warfare since the Bolshevik Revolution which the Jews were instrumental in creating. The world now functions on these “Jewish principles”. I compare them and discuss various aspects of warfare.

2 thoughts on “Video: Jewish Warfare versus White Race Warfare

  • 7th May 2018 at 9:14 am

    Excellent excellent video. Thank you. Have you heard of Carolyn Yeager, she has a great website that totally supports the truth about Hitler and our true past. Thank you for your thoughts that so accurately and clearly help us to see what we are up against … amazing subject on ‘warfare’.

  • 18th July 2017 at 3:53 pm

    Good video.
    I am in New Orleans. The Robert E Lees statue on Lees Circle was taken down a month ago. It was quite disappointing yet even more disappointing knowing that combatting ” Our Racist Past ” will never end for these people … until there masters have used them to totally submit us. This will not happen.

    I do not have the particular definition I liked of the buffer overflow attack with me, but in paraphrasing it … a buffer overflow attack apply’s too much information or information which is not expected as input to the program in order to exploit the host system. If memory may be reached outside the buffer area malicious code may be placed therein without the host’s knowledge. I bring this up because I believe Communism or Jewish warfare uses this tactic on the human psychological level. Furthermore, this type of manipulation to gain access to more sovereign elements of the psyche is trauma. Terrorism is a type of buffer overflow by which the information coming forth is at a level of horror that it overruns ones mental faculties and through this … access to a deeper more unconscious level is made vulnerable.

    Speaking of the manners of warfare … if one does not already know of Connor McGregor, I want to bring him up to you. He is boxing Mayweather August 26th. There is a lot to write about this subject but will say that the fight coming up will be the most watched event in history … has the potential. Moreover, with this world attention is it just coincidence that a white man with McGregors character enters in the fray ? Whatever guilt complex has infected the white people around the world … McGregor says “Fuck All ! ” in word and deed.


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