Video: Full Show: Christopher Cantwell interviews Suidlanders’ Simon Roche – Jan Lamprecht calls in

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On 13th April 2018, Chris Cantwell interviewed Simon Roche of the Suidlanders. On this show Chris questioned Simon about various things that have been published about him, especially on my website.

He uses documents from the investigations by the Americans (Iceblock & Goy Rogers), to question Simon about his background. In this video you’ll hear that the Americans accurately found links between Simon and the ANC. In these discussions you will hear Simon explain how he got death threats from blacks and how he was close to corruption in the ANC and how he will never reveal the truth because he fears for his life. He also mentions that he lived on a property owned by the niece of the current President Ramaphosa.

It is on this show that Chris brings in Jan as the first caller and I have a 44 minute discussion with Chris and Simon.

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18 thoughts on “Video: Full Show: Christopher Cantwell interviews Suidlanders’ Simon Roche – Jan Lamprecht calls in

  • 28th April 2018 at 10:36 am

    I’ve seen new comments added here since I submitted my last one, a week ago, and it hasn’t been moderated. Is there a reason for that I’m unaware of?

  • 26th April 2018 at 11:14 am

    well…looks like (((they))) just pulled-the-plug on his site…..
    is coming up with a dBase error….
    so much for ‘doing the right thing’ by (((them)))

  • 23rd April 2018 at 10:27 am

    You know what I`m thinking years ago i went to the Usa, and i struggled and struggled to get a visa for a program i wanted to go do there and this guy just gets into the Usa as he wishes. To raise cash and convey their intentions and planning what they going to be doing as a organisation when the shit goes down. You would think his passport and visa would be flagged for travel like Dan Roodt. Another stupid thing i just can`t understand is when the shit goes down, they going to send out a sms noggels. To rendezvous at a point of verification (when the communications are shut down, first stage.???) so they can set up shop in the veld in some sour grassed freestate farm area to be target practice for a helicopter gunship.

    Fucken idiots. The better way if possible is build up your house as a fortress, block roads and guard those roads coming into the suburbs, because fighting house to house will be a massive obstacle, especially when the house `s have such high security already. Instead they want you standing in the veld with your castle beer in one hand and waving at the helicopter gunship with the other, while standing next to a weber having a braai. Jan is this guy working for the SSA? I have this feeling that they are disruptive fear mongers and intelligence gatherers, its all about the money and information and intelligence pays.

  • 22nd April 2018 at 1:52 pm

    I don’t know this Chris Caldwell, and I don’t want to waste too much time digging into him. I would not want to listen regularly to him. My first instinct is that he wants any “jewish” talk, (no matter how important it may be to the relevant issues), canned as maybe it would hurt his million dollar lawsuit he filed over the rally last year. That’s all a different matter and speculative, and I won’t even mention that he looks “jewish” and sounds very well trained in broadcasting…all circumstantial, I’m sure. I’m neither going to bring up the fact that some researchers would put “Cantwell” into the list of English names with suspected “jewish” ties and/or origins. Inconsequential, to be sure.

    You’ll notice, I use quotes when writing “jew”. This is for good reason. The “jews” today have no way of proving their genetic link to the house of Judah. This is important, as their universal crime syndicate rides on White Christianity believing that lie.

    On to the interview. I’ll be honest. I’ve not trusted Roche for some time. I do like documented information as much as Cantwell says he does; however, I gauge the veracity of a man’s claims, partly, on his overall character. The idea that anyone can compartmentalize their behaviors is absurd. If a man routinely commits adultery, he is not one to trust in a business deal, or on a battlefield. The idea of “integrity” as in “an integrated life” is lost today. I must look at every peice of information on a man and come to a conclusion as to trust what he says or not. Not many make the cut, I’m afraid, and Roche and the Suidlanders fall short as well.

    If a man is sent to another country, to raise awareness of impending disaster on account of the people he represents, I would expect his to not be carrying on with any women during this time. Some may say that’s too strict, and that I’m just imposing my personal views onto him. I would disagree. He talks, at length, about the impending genocide of the Whites in SA. He is here, (I’m American), as an ambassador of Suidlanders and, indirectly, of White South Africans. As long as black leaders chant “kill the White, kill the Boer”, his libido takes a very distant back seat. Very inappropriate.

    As far as his, “past connections to the ANC”…ok…many people have done things or been involved in acts they are now ashamed of…given, but the story of credible death threats and his “ace in the hole” as in (keeping what he did secret so they won’t kill him) makes no sense. Maybe he needs to clarify. Has he given documented materials to trusted persons, in the case of his demise, and they will then be leaked to a press that sounds like they will not publish them anyways?!?! There is no real sense to this. If he and Suidlander leadership is for real, they should be getting death threats by now, regularly, anyways. The best thing he could do for White South Africans is talk about the things the ANC employed him to do against them. He may fear for the safety of his children, and I really do understand that, but again, he is representing people who live in constant danger of their children being harmed in the worst ways. These excuses don’t add up.

    Jan, I don’t blame you for quoting liberal publications, as you weren’t trying to argue from a yellow-journalistic piece, so much as simply read a quote that Mueller is printed as saying. Cantwell might have considered that that was your aim before the sideways comment about “oh, then that’s a credible source of information”. Did he then affirm that this was to illustrate the words and actions of Mueller? no.

    I can’t comment on all points; although I’ve been listening to your History Reviewed audio for some time and believe you do care very much for the welfare and fate of the Boers, (White South Africans in general). I do want to say that I proceed with great caution whenever an organization has a resident prophet. Van Rensberg, and his prophesies, are a point of contention with me. The Suidlander website is not publishing them in their original forms with solid documentation. Furthermore, we learned from the Articles of the Lerned Elders of Zion, the Pike letters, and what other bits of occulted knowledge can be picked up here and there, that there has existed a long-term plan for quite a while. If anyone wanted to make someone out to be a prophet or just perceptive, they could simply channel certain main points of their long-term plans to them. I’m not saying this is what happened with Van Rensburg, but I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon too quickly with him or his prophecies, lest they all be meticulously vetted. This kind of thing can get more people killed than the other way ’round.

    Thank you for publishing this and doing the work you do, Jan. Take care.

  • 22nd April 2018 at 1:29 am

    Simon: Hey ANC, it has been fun but I am going to part ways.
    ANC: No problem, bro. But if you ever mention our secrets…we will kill you.
    Simon: They are safe with me because you all terrify me.
    ANC: Good.
    SImon: Hey, do you all mind if I go work for this all white right wing organization that hates you all and wants to expose your lies?
    ANC: Sure, man. That is not a problem.

    What a bunch of BS. His ties to the ANC are extremely alarming and as such, he can’t be trusted. This group needs to be avoided at all costs.

    • 27th May 2018 at 8:38 am

      Hi Danny
      You’re the first person to spot the critically important stuff in what Roche said when he spoke of how keeping the anc secrets keeps him alive. Now if you ponder carefully what he said you will see that in many levels this is so very wrong. Firstly it shows fear. But it shows many more things that are even worse and it all came out of his mouth. Some of the stuff he said were big red flags, one on top of another. Insane stuff.

  • 21st April 2018 at 5:39 pm

    just to let you know…cantwell badmouth you in his comments and social media. anglo treachery is a bottomless pit. the whole ‘alt-rigth’ thing as now complete its cycle just like a predicted before trump election. now they are going full neo-con cowboy-hat reaganism.

    even the daily stormer has bitten the bullet and completed its fold in conjunction with TRS and the jew mike peinovich and weev.

    ive got banned from the DS forum long ago because i was saying facts about the ‘funding fathers’ and also linking to some interesting writing of theirs.

    anglos cant and never will really oppose jewry because they are the ghulams of the jews, they have been for 500 years…see even those ”american nazies” when the time come they will retreat into anglos self worship and will always jump in to further the jews interests because they have been intermingled so much with one another that if you attack one the other will feel the pain and bite you back.

    anglos cannot be or understand in any way nationalism…you cannot under any circumstances ally with anglos… anglos dont know ‘allies’ they see allies as weakling that have to obey them anyway and will be backstabbed and destroyed once they have been used. history of the last 500 years is proove enough.

    anglos treachery is a bottomless pit

  • 21st April 2018 at 1:51 pm

    Simon Roche made a claim that you Jan Lamprecht are the creator of the website “Boere vir Satan”. Is this true?????

  • 21st April 2018 at 1:48 pm

    We are ex-suidlander members. Simon Roche estimated their members to be 100,000. Approximately 5 years ago they claimed they had approximately 800,000 members. If this is the case, why have 700,000 people joined and left. Scary!!!! I wouldn’t trust an organisation who has lost so many members.

  • 21st April 2018 at 8:59 am

    IMO The part that sticks in my gut is that he is not willing to expose the communist anti white work he did for the ANC, that is like an ex CIA not willing to tell.. them you are not to be trusted. If he was no longer a communist he would expose their true workings..

    • 21st April 2018 at 12:51 pm

      Hi Tinnelle,
      You raise critical points here. His desire not to talk if he really is “ex”-ANC. Very important. I’d not thought of that.

      I do however see another enormous danger when he says that there are things he WON’T TELL, because he claims he has death threats. That means, that he admits that there are secrets he will keep from whites. It means more importantly, he is more afraid of blacks. So what if blacks blackmail him and say: Give us all your Suidlander details or we’ll kill you? What then? Will he hand everything over? The way I see it, he will. He won’t have the balls to stand up for that.

      Then there is the issue about his Christianity and admitting his errors. He says he was close to corruption and he left because of that. But why did he not expose it? Why did he not report it? YOU CAN REPORT CORRUPTION ANONYMOUSLY IN SOUTH AFRICA. THERE ARE MANY CHANNELS FOR YOU TO SECRETLY REPORT THINGS TO THE POLICE AND OTHERS IF YOU WANT. WHY DID ROCHE NOT REPORT THE CORRUPTION? It shows he has no integrity, especially for a Christian. And being in a high position, he would have had more access to higher ranking whites he could have reported corruption to. There are Boers in all our security agencies. I don’t think everyone would be quiet.

  • 20th April 2018 at 10:35 am

    The moment caller mention Jews, he cut him off and change the subject. “Quod erat demonstrandum”

    • 21st April 2018 at 12:53 pm

      He moved really fast to cut off any mention of the word Jew. Cantwell is clearly very spooked himself if you ask me.

  • 19th April 2018 at 2:30 pm

    He didn’t reply re the AWB. And he was evasive about Muller(?) not replying.

    • 21st April 2018 at 1:01 pm

      Yes, when pressed on which organisations he supported, you will see the AWB was NOT THERE! That should say something!

      • 1st June 2018 at 2:46 am

        This was my comment on April 15th on C.C’s website to CC which he DELETED ie censored (and I don’t trust Chris C. one bit):

        Even excluding all the reasons that Jan was prevented from expressing (for whatever reason), and just going by this interview, here is the reason why I would certainly not trust Simon Roche:

        1. Simon Roche was a race traitor by getting into bed with the marxist communist ANC (Communist Saint Mandela himself was an active marxist terrorist who refused to renounce violence until his death – bombs were going off in the city streets, that is why he had to be under house arrest in luxury I might add).

        2. Roche was given free leash to divulge (or fake) intimately his personal life to trash the reputation of his then girlfriend. That is no gentleman.

        3. No one asked Simon Roche to show them the Suidlanders books as stated in the interview by Roche. He was simply asked for transparency as to monies raised through the generosity of the US public, and to be accountable as to expenditure.
        I donate to a charity in Zimbabwe to provide monthly food boxes for the elderly. They provide an account as to what they raised and on what it was spent. They are proud to do so as they wish their donators to be assured that every penny goes for the elderly’s benefit. In fact they provide a monthly newsletter to contributors. That is why I trust them. Why is Roche so cagey about the amount raised? Why is he ranting on about travelling expenses only instead of providing an account of his expenditures? It is public money not his personal wallet.

        4. But WORST of all – and you really didn’t ‘get it’ Mr Cantwell which I can understand as you are not of southern Africa and fail to understand the ‘nuances’ – Simon Roche is on such personal intimate terms with the close family of the anti-White victimiser President Ramaphosa – the very Communist ANC leader who declared he would take away White land without compensation, which is against national and international law, that Roche LIVED in an out-room of a close relative of Ramaphosa ie he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and not to be trusted if you are an Afrikaner.

        That is without even taking into account the ridiculous nature of the plan – SMS you, then get in your car (how dangerous when massacring mobs always block off the streets anywhere in Africa) then all drive to a certain location. That is, all concentrate and camp somewhere together. That is, go into a ‘concentration camp’ where you are vulnerable to be slaughtered EXACTLY how the Rwandan Tutsis were genocided by the Hutus – in a ‘concentration camp’ that was ‘protecting’ them. Once all gathered (concentrated) the UN members LEFT so that the armed Hutus could come in and slaughter them all and they did!

        Which leads me to another Red Flag – Simon Roche HIMSELF will NOT be joining those at the place of ‘concentration’. He will be heading elsewhere. Is the destination not so ‘safe’ after all then?
        If the marauding, machete mob arrive at the ‘concentration camp’ who will be defending all the women and children and elderly gathered there if Simon, for one, is hiding out elsewhere at his parents’ place?


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