Video: BANNED: Why can’t Christians shoot Jews?

Modern Christians have been very keen to go and shoot Muslims (by the million) as a result of 9/11 and so-called “terrorism”. But what if the Jews committed more serious provable crimes than the Muslims had ever committed?

Why aren’t Christians willing to apply the same rules to the Jews as they do to the Muslims?

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  • 22nd September 2018 at 1:41 am

    Hi Jan,

    I love what you are doing to make White people aware of the huge threat that Jewish supremacists represent, and always have represented, to White people. Like you, I’ve only become “Jew-wise” recently, initially thanks to people such as your fellow historical revisionist Mike King with his website, and the revisionist history books he’s written, the most notable of them being “The Bad War”. Later I discovered your website with the impressive and sometimes amazing content you publish on it.

    But there is no way that the collective mental illness known as Islam gets a free pass in my book, nor should it in anyone else’s. The source of “Islam”, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, the so-called prophet if Islam, was clearly one of the evilest beings to ever walk on then earth. He was both a practitioner and advocate of institutionalized rape, child-rape, torture, slavery and mass murder.

    Since its inception, Islam is responsible for more deaths than all the other wars in the past 2,000 years combined totaling well over 250,000,000 men, women and children – and this was almost all done before the advent of modern weapons. We’re talking about in-your-face massive torture and murder unlike anything the world has ever known. Only Genghis Kahn’s Mongol hordes can compete with the Muslims in terms of sheer brutality and cruelty on such a massive scale. Okay, we could add the Jewish led Bolshevik torture and massacre of millions of White people in Russian and the Ukraine to the list of mass atrocities. But these last atrocities are still far less in number than what the Muslims have done.

    What I find sickest (and most dangerous) of all about Islam, aside from its fundamentally perverse, criminal nature, is that it TRANSCENDS ALL RACES. This is perhaps the main thing that distinguishes it from the criminally insane Jewish supremacist scum who wish to rule over all non-Jews just as “true” Muslims wish to rule over all non-Muslims.

    Case in point. What do you know about the Beslan massacre in 2004 of White women and mostly children BY WHITE MUSLIMS?

    For several days, these White Muslim scum had fun gang-raping to DEATH little white girls in the middle of the gymnasium where they women and children were held hostage, and while the other hostages had no choice but to watch in horror at what was being done. They did to these innocent young girls something similar to what the Soviet Mongol terror troops did to the innocent young German girls towards the end of WW2. Only the Jewish led (or at least “inspired”) Mongol Red terror troops apparently also tortured and sexually mutilated some of the German children as well – something the White Muslims in Besaln may not have done to their young White victims.

    My point is this. Both Islam and “Talmudism” (Judaism) are very similar in their pathological hatred of all non-Muslims or non-Jews, in their pathological hatred of all women (including Muslim and Jewish ones, respectively), and in their ridiculous, pathological sense of “Entitlement”. The followers of both these perverse ideologies hide behind the banner of their “religion” and its beliefs as justification for carrying out their horrific crimes.

    Yes, it does seem like in more recent times the “globalists” (both the Jewish and the non-Jewish ones) set-up America in particular as the ‘fall-guy’ to do their dirty work through the 911 massacre. And certain unknown Israelis seem to have been the ones whose hands are the bloodiest of them all. Among other things of a more greed-based economic nature, its real purpose seems to have been as a means for initiating the final phase of the “Kalergi plan” to genocide the White race in its own homeland of Europe as well as throughout the “White” world.

    I now agree with you that the supremacist Jew scum who control the world’s governments through their control of the financial system, the mass media, the entertainment industry, and academia are a greater threat to the White race than the racially ‘inclusive’ Muslims.

    Still, because of their perverse and severely misguided sense of “entitlement”, even if there were not a single Jew left on the earth, wherever they exist, Muslims will continue to rob, rape, enslave, and kill as many Whites (or anyone else) as they can in their own quest for world domination. One that is NO different from the one that the supremacist Jews seek. They don’t need any Jew to put ideas into their heads about conquering the West because those ideas (and subsequent beliefs of “entitlement”) are taught to them by their own leaders ALL THE TIME.

    Supremacist Jews and Muslims are BOTH enemies of the White race! If they cannot be kept in quarantine somewhere so that cannot harm Whites, then we must crush them completely, including the White Muslim race traitors who will kill whites and betray their own race in the name of Islam – as most of them will gladly do!

    I can give you several links to works by scholars or investigators, both Muslim and non-Muslim, Arab and non-Arab, who will confirm the Muslim desire for world conquest as preached by “radical” Muslim Imams in the mosques (the ones who are bold enough to tell the truth), as commanded in the Koran, and as taught by their “prophet” Muhammad (pig shit upon him). However, I’m sure that you can find them yourself too if you simply look for them.

    You made a valid point about how Muslim atrocities and criminal behavior are at least recognized – sometimes – by the mass media; although on a much smaller scale than they should be in my opinion. For example, the horrific industrial scale mass raping and enslaving of young White girls in the UK has now been going on for more than 20 years and the media is just beginning to talk about it; and even then, begrudgingly. Whereas the Jewish role in White sex slavery in particular is totally covered up and it’s still going on today with the largest number of white female sex slaves, at least percentage wise, being held hostage by their captors in Israel.

    Nevertheless, although Islam claims to be against homosexuality and even executes some homosexuals publicly, homosexuality is rampant in the Muslim world and it always has been. Perhaps it’s because of their pathological hatred of woman and how this leads them to see women as ‘inferior’ and, therefore, men are ‘superior’ in every way, including as sexual partners. It’s impossible to say. But you must have heard about the Muslims in Afghanistan where many men have a sexual obsession with young boys who are raped and turned into child “entertainers” for the pleasure of these ‘grown’ (sick-in-the-head) men. It doesn’t get any sicker than that in my book. And, yes, those people are “true” (as in ‘faithful’) Muslims.

    To me, the intrinsic evilness of Islam in an unquestionable given. How could it be anything else when you understand the pure evil which existed at its source (Muhammad Ibn Abdullah)?

    I’m now trying to gain a deeper understanding of how the supremacist Jews operate and I know of no better source for this than you. The many instances you cited in this recording are very valid examples of how a ‘double standard’ is applied to the Jews or ‘Chosenites’ as Mike King likes to call them.

    The “problem” is that both Islam and Talmudism are political systems based on a supremacist ideology that cover all aspects of life while pretending to only be religions. And neither one of them is recognized for what it really is.

    Thanks for all that you’re doing on behalf of the White race!

    “Heil Hitler”

  • 15th May 2017 at 11:29 am


    This is where esoteric science meets physical science. The soul controls the physical body through the force centres [chakras] in the supple body or etheric body. The locations of the chakras correspond to the locations of the glands in the physical body, which are the external link of the soul to the physical body. The excretions of the glands that ends up in the bloodstream is thus under control of the soul and the content of the blood guides the body through it’s different growth stages through life from baby, child, teen-age, middle-age and old-age. The hormone content of babies and young children are different to the hormone content of older people. The Bible says that the spirit is in the blood, and that is why the Jehovah’s Witnesses do not take blood transfusions and neither will I. Humans were not mend to drink blood. If an old person can drain out all the blood of his body and replace it with the blood of children or babies he will reverse the ageing proses as long as the hormones last which is not long before his own glandular excretions under the control of his soul start to take effect again. To beat this he needs blood transfusions probably every day like sick people need their medication.
    Now the cat is out of the bag and as you can realise by now this is very dangerous information that has been kept secret from the common people for their own protection. This stuff is not to be played with because humans cannot try and cheat Nature or work against Nature. Nature will take its revenge. Be aware. I give this information so that you can understand the satanic obsession with blood. This obsession is real and based on the perversion of nature’s laws. It is all about the hormones in the blood.
    I am an esotericist and not a medical doctor and I do not know how long this hormonal affect will last when a person consume the blood or meet of a baby or a child. Evidence through the ages has proven that there is definitely an effect; otherwise they will not be doing it. In this case it might be more about the adrenalin than the hormones.
    It is also aimed at demon contact. What the ignorant call a black magician on the physical plane is only some man or woman sensitive to or en rapport with a true black magician on the astral plane. If the man concerned is materially minded, selfishly ambitious and unloving, the inpouring energy will stimulate the personality nature and he will immediately be warring furiously with all that we mean by the instinctual, psychic, intellectual nature. When all these three are stimulated, the disciple is often for a time swung off the centre into a maelstrom of magical work of the lower kind—sex magic and many forms of black magic. He is glamoured by the beauty of his motive, and deceived by the acquired potency of his personality.
    [My website:


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