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Whites have been totally confused by the Jews. White Liberals have a completely incorrect understanding of race. While whites on the white right think we’re doomed to die soon, when they look at population statistics.

I also discuss why the term “White” might be problematic for us, and why we should all revert to calling ourselves the “European Race”.

We are ignoring the most important thing of all … territory…

In this video I discuss what would happen if we had a worldwide race war starting, NOW! What if we threw away all national borders and created a worldwide white ethnostate right now? What are we capable of? What is realistic?

Let me show you, the current … EMPIRE OF THE WHITE RACE!

3 thoughts on “Video & Audio: The Empire of the White (European) Race (short)

  • 7th December 2019 at 6:50 am

    @Raymond – Its bullshit boet. I have studied quite a lot of work from history, economics, ancient history, you name it, I keep an open mind. One of the oldest books and is the god father of economics books is a book by Adam Smith, called “the wealth of nations”

    In that book, he describes the Chinese culture, he says the Chinese culture had not changed one single bit in over 4,000 years by the time the Europeans arrived. The highest civilization in Asia is actually the Japanese, they were ahead and one can read Samurai books like the art of Bushido, for example their cleanliness was very high and so were their hygene standards + other things in the culture.

    I am convinced through studying history, the fathers of all those civilizations according to Vedic culture in India, Buddhists, Japanese history, those cultures/civilizations were started by whites. When last did you hear anyone tell you Ghengis Khan was white? A white European! Yes, a white European with red hair but all the crap from Hollywood would make you believe he was some fat belly mongoloid.

    Not true and the same with the Buddah and anyone doubting this, go look at all the gods in Asia, they are white gods and all their “saints” are white.

    If the Chinese were so intellegent, then why had they never conquered a tiny island of Japan or colonized countries outside of Asia? Like I say, their history, civilization, the bedrock of it was from whites from centuries ago.

    They progressed until the whites were outbred much like India.

    Also IQ is over rated, dont forget who compiles all this bullshit – it comes from universities and all this data only came out when the Jews were allowed to be lecturers in universities in the 1950s, up until that point, they were not allowed in, not even in the USA.

    IQ is not the highest form of intellegence, it is EQ.

    Let me tell you a stroy, a true story. I was in India doing a course. A guy picked up a text book and within a month was teaching a class about this book and subject. He could teach it like he was reading it from his mind, like some photographic memory.

    If you had no clue about the subject, you would think he knew his shit BUT…

    The minute you asked him about the subject material, a little differently than it was worded in the book, he could not think.

    In other words, they are great at learning material but when it comes to assimilating it and thinking outside the box about the same subject matter, they cannot! they work like a train track, their minds work one dimensionally.

    In other words, if he + you took the book to learn. He might learn faster than you, he might score higher than you.
    3-5 months go by and you now know the subject, if you get to a problem where you have to think outside the box using the material to get to the answer, he would not be able to get it, but you would.

    I have seen it. Like you teach him how to use a hammer for one job and he can never figure out he could use the same hammer for another job.

    They think one dimensionally, outside the box thinking doesnt work for them. This is my observation from hiring people from East Asia.

    I can make a bold statment and its a bold statement, its not bragging. I have hired more South East asians for clients and for myself than anyone in South Africa. From Pakistan, India, Japan, Philipines, Bangladesh, etc etc.

    I have hired those who have 3 degrees and I can say hands down, a white guy with a 7 years of education can out think them on his worst day. scoring high on tests is one thing but who wrote the subject matter and material they learn in order to pass those exams.

    If they were so smart, why do they all send their children to study in the West and not the east?

    They couldnt evolve beyond eating with chop sticks, that should tell you.

    They claim many things like the Koreans made the first submarine yet we read in the middle east, ancient past when whites were there they already had those inventions 1,000 years before Korea.

    What we take for granted, what we have forgotten they are just learrning. They have an ability to take something of ours and make it better, in the case of the Japanese but that is only because of Kanzai – constant and never ending improvement which is an ancient Bushido philosophy and where did Bushido come from?

    The Tibetan mountain ranges? Where was Buddah? In those mountain ranges and where or what was Buddah? A white man! Simple as that, it is even echoed today thousands of years later, which is why the Dalai lama said, Europe for Europeans, they know the highest form of spirituality is the white, western nations.

    Sorry for spelling mistakes, sometimes, I type faster than I speak and get things mixed up – that is just my observation havinng hired + travelled + lived in East Asia.

    Book smart is very different to application and thinking outside the box and it is only through thinking outside the box the greatest inventions are made and they are usually made through or during or after wars, which is why no war will result in the white man becoming weak. We need wars, they fuel us like a veld fire renews the ground and allows better, stronger grass to grow on fertile land, so we need war.

    War makes the white man strong.

    That is why they legalize Marijuana, weaken us through sexual perversions, because we then destroy ourselves while our enemies are planning, plotting to destroy us.

  • 7th December 2019 at 6:27 am

    Watched the videos, great videos.

    Jan, maybe you could put something up about SA and the different ethnicities.

    I hear it all the time, “we are finished” in fact I have said that before when feeling shit about the situation but I did some calculations, maybe you think they are shit but I think they could work out.

    S.A has blacks but they are not all united.

    if we say that S.A has 50 million blacks, most people think all these blacks will attack us.

    From my calculation only about 8% of their entire population would or could fight us.

    The problem comes down to and we have seen it throughout our history, the different tribes are not united.

    The Zulu assisted us on the borders, the Zulu kings speech when the ANC took over is interesting after the ANC shot dead 50+ ANC outside of that conference in JHB. Based on what the King said recently, if the Zulu sided with the whites, our numbers explode.

    I did the maths

    70% of the coloureds would stick with the whites = 4,200,000 Coloureds would stick with the whites, taking into account NP votes and winning the Cape even after the end of apartheid +DA votes.

    30% of the black population are actually with the whites but would not dare say anything for being taken out = 15mil
    Zulus – 10 mil side with the whites.

    Indians / Chinese – lets say 50% side with the whites = 1 million

    30% of the blacks will not fight or do anything but flee = 15 mil

    I think only 10% of the ANC + EFF voter based would fight against the whites and the first time they face a full scale war, with bombs dropping and the enemy firing back, you will see them quickly drop to 2% and run.

    The enemy know this, which is why they use the EFF + BLF for their psychological warfare program to make whites think all blacks think like this. Its not true at all.

    From my figures, my analysis, we have a group of South Afrcans along racial/ethnic lines which will stick together of between 15 mil to as much as 25 mil.

    The Zulu almost wiped out all these tribes during the Mfectane -I dont count on the Zulu but he is being screwed and played around with by the commies and they were against the commies just like the whites.

    As this country hits rocky roads and the ship starts sinking, we are going to see black on black, political shit between the two like never before.

    The more rocky it gets, the more alliances will get made with the whites.

    Food security means, some of these black nations could starve.

    When I sat down and calculated worse case scenarios of what or how many whites would be in this battle, the numbers are not as gloomy as most people would think, in fact far from it.

    I would say, from my calculations, the most pessamistic calculations is that whites now are in the BEST situation ever. Taking into account the way the world is waking up to SA, taking into account how nationlistic the white nations are getting, taking into account the splits betwen the black groups who only came together to get the BRITISH out and not against the Boers/whites/Afrikaners.

    I think, no I would go so far as to say I know with confidence, based on the numbers, the white group + those who align with them in this country will exceed 15 million at the lowest figure. At the heighest figure, this number could be higher than 25 million.

    Then we have to take into account, when last have these people actulaly faced a full blown war. They needed the Russians + Cubans to do their fighting, the MK vets never saw any face to face action.

    Then take into account the control of the food, water sanitation dropping, less medication, less food security, drop in rand value and when you stack them all up + the ingenuity of the whites, their “Boer maak n plan” attitude, I am telling you, we are in the BEST position ever.

    Especially now that the world has caught onto the ANC.

    I dont say take them for granted or underestimate them but we are not alone! not in this country and not in the world.

    The worst thing the ANC could have is for the white nations becoming nationalistic and they are, most of Europe will be full blown nationalistic by 2022

    Maybe in the future, do some scenarios + calculation and that would make a good video.

    If the Zulu ever sided with the whites + a few other small black groups who have shown throughout our history they have worked with the Boers and most Boers/Afrikaners/Whites dont even tell the full story about blood river.

    When last did you hear about the Zulus working with the Boers at blood river to take out Dingaans army? Most never mention it but when the Boers told the Zulus after being attacked by Matabele tribe when they were still in South Africa, the minute they told the Zulus they do not kill women and children, this is when they sided with the Boers in wars against their own evil kings/people.

    I think (I know) the Zulu is going to reach out and is already reaching out to organizations like AfriForum.

    I think (by Gods grace) the best thing that happened in the long run is that the ANC took over, stuffed the country up and the various black tribes who have their own kings get to see the whites were looking out for their people better than the ANC ever looked after them.

    That is my thought, we are not alone as most people would think, not in SA and not overseas.

  • 7th December 2019 at 1:13 am

    What I can’t grasp is the notion that Chines etc are superior to us. Here in Aussie we have Chines here in large number going to our university’s and such like. All the junk that we import were invented and designed by us. Yet we are supposed to believe that we are inferior to Asiatics, I don’t buy that.


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