Video & Audio: The Empire of the White (European) Race (full length)

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In this video I go into much more detail about us. I discuss Blood & Soil, probably in a way that’s never been discussed before. I realised, upon closer research that my conception of Blood & Soil is totally different to what is normally used. I discuss, what I think is the most important part of Blood & Soil, and that is the military angle.

In this video I also look more closely at even the white population of South Africa and what territory we dominate.

And finally, we look at the most detailed map, yet produced, which shows EXACTLY, all the places on the Earth that are dominated by our race.

Whites have been totally confused by the Jews. White Liberals have a completely incorrect understanding of race. While whites on the white right think we’re doomed to die soon, when they look at population statistics.

I also discuss why the term “White” might be problematic for us, and why we should all revert to calling ourselves the “European Race”.

We are ignoring the most important thing of all … territory…

In this video I discuss what would happen if we had a worldwide race war starting, NOW! What if we threw away all national borders and created a worldwide white ethnostate right now? What are we capable of? What is realistic?

Let me show you, the current … EMPIRE OF THE WHITE RACE!

3 thoughts on “Video & Audio: The Empire of the White (European) Race (full length)

  • 8th December 2019 at 12:03 pm

    I so agree, even Westerner, because the European is the Western Civilization. European Western Whites…. as always so appreciate your posts. Thank you.

  • 7th December 2019 at 7:19 am

    Thanks for these talks, very clear and mathematical. Interesting to listen to.

  • 7th December 2019 at 4:56 am

    I dont think the white race (blonde haired, blue eyed race) is older than 6,000 years –

    The bible aludes to this.

    There were 2 creations of the white man according to Enoch.

    1. The first one was corrupted when the “fallen angels” came to earth, in Sumeria they are called “Annunaki” or “the Giants” in EVERY single culture.

    From this corruptio of flesh, came the various different races.

    2. Once it was corrupted, the system had to get rebooted and we find once again, the creation starts.

    Those gods, angels, demons, aliens whatever we want to call them, were also white or found the daughters of the son of man to be fair, we find the word Adam means to be ruddy and fair. Adam is referring to a race, the Ademic race, Fair & Ruddy. We know this, Kind David was fair & Rudy it tells us his son Solomon was fair and Ruddy.

    We know Abraham & Sarah were fair because when they were in Egypt they saw Sarah and she was fair.

    The white race was the original race, through mixing we find other races.

    Adam was not the first man but the first white man. We know this because Cane his brother married and settled with other nations.

    The Canaanites were once upon a time white.

    The Chinese have a history going back 15,000 years, yet the bible + those who study the timelines of it say Adam is only 6,000 years and so it seems science is now proving that.

    The first race was destroyed through what the bible refers to as “Fallen angels” mixing with man, causing a corruption of flesh resulting in violence.

    A new Adam would be created to restore the order but once again, we find that Naukash begiled eve and she bore him Cane – no where does it say Cane was Adams son ever in the bible.

    1st civilization of whites == destroyed from a rebellion from somewhere, whether we call it heaven, star gates, portals – all races have these “fairy tales” including the Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Native Indians, East Asians, Eskimos, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and even the Zulu have similar stories.

    That civilization was corrupted and destroyed by way of corruption of the flesh.

    2nd Reboot was with Adam but this time there would be emnity between the two seeds – the new seed which from Adam we trace Christs lineage and his lineage goes through to Adam and we know from the Romans documents, descriptions Christ had wavy Chestnut hair and was Rudy with greyish eye colour and Pontius Pilate says he looked VERY different to the Tawny people in the area.

    This 2nd reboot was because of the 1st corruption but somehow that corruption filtered in.

    That is why we read throughout Deuteronomy and in the old testament God said “he will use the Israelities” as his battle Ax, weapon of war to break nations and those broken nations would eventually be broken to allow the word to be spread to the four corners of the earth – who broke those empires? Only 1 race has subdued every nation, race and kingdom on earth and they are 1. White nations 2. Christian nations.

    That is what I have gathered from studying Summerian, Egyptian, Hindu, Aztec and other cultures beliefs, history and knowing the bible and its people.

    There is a reason Christian white males are a threat and it is because they destroy nations, breakdown kingdoms and are a threat to a man made new world order.

    The Vikings became 10x more powerful when they converted their to Christianity conquering North Africa, England, France. The Visigoths accepted Christianity and beat off the invading Moor invasion which had been paved thanks to your favorite people Jan, that is why the Catholics kicked them out of Spain after finding out that they gained and didnt lose anything through the invasion.

    Yes there may have been a white race 90,000+ years ago but it was wiped out. This is not only the bible that speaks of this but also Summerian texts where we find Abraham coming from and the Druids in Britain were called “Chalde” Chaldeans, Ur of the Chaldes is where Abraham and the Hebrews came from.

    If you want to know what Abraham looked like, a direct descendent of Adam look at the paintings of the druids and check their writings out. Hollywood loves to make them look like pagan, devil worshippers but there is now evidence that already back then, they were Christians or followers of the old testament.


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