Video & Audio: The Black & Jewish Billionaires of Africa


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Here in South Africa, as well as in the other parts of Africa where whites lived; the main issue always was: Help the poor blacks. The blacks are starving. The blacks need food, medicine, etc. And it is all the fault of the whites. The (communist/liberal/Jewish) line was: Get it back from the whites who stole it from you!

In this video, I will show the billionaires – yes, true billionaires in US dollar terms – of Africa. You’ll see some of the stinking rich in Africa, along with their friends.

I discuss the $150 billion that the West gave to Africa (as of 10 years ago), of which $50 billion has been stashed in Swiss Bank Accounts by black African presidents.

I also discuss how the super-rich scum HIDE THEIR WEALTH and pretend that their wealth is less than it actually is. We also take a look at some of the Jews including our black Jewish President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Here is the stuff that the Jewish New York Times does NOT tell you.

4 thoughts on “Video & Audio: The Black & Jewish Billionaires of Africa

  • 14th January 2020 at 10:32 pm

    Adrian Gore is a Jew, through and through.

    Notice one thing, all these Jews are now opening banks in South Africa, hence they were behind getting the Guptas out.

    Jan are you aware that it was Johan Rupert who introduced Zuma & the Guptas to Bell Pottinger who eventually exposed them in South Africa? They were introduced to create the “white minopoly campaign” little did they know, the true purpose was to eventually create a show within a show, like the Truman show.

    Kind of like a journalist who tells rebels they are making a documentary about a region and ask for permission to expose the sick, or some animal documentary, only to then expose the rebels.

    Yes, I was shocked when I found out but it didnt surprise me. Rupert was the one who introduced the Guptas, Zuma via a 3rd part to Bell Pottinger.

    Brian Joffe, Adrian Gore etc etc – all now getting involved in banking. Now we can see why they were so pressed and so eager to get the ANC in power.

    What you need to do Jan, is get someone to go to the Apartheid museum, go inside and inside the museum as I am told (the closes I get to it is with an RPG when our day comes) and get someone take take photos of all the “whites aka Jews” standing with the blacks.

    No one, no one, no one has EVER put together and taken photos and posted all the “Jews” in those photos and pointed it out. I know someone who went there, he is not into any of this Jew “stuff” and he said to me, “you wont believe it but everyone in those photos are Jews”, this is from a guy who has no clue about these people and for him to tell me is like for a liberal to tell me there is some problem in their utopia.

    He said to me, every damn photo is a Jew with a black at the apartheid museum.

    Now why hasnt anyone done the work to expose this? How can it be that 90%+ of all those people on in the pictures that look white are Jews and yet no one has connected the dots.

    People do it all the time with Germany can connect the dots and we can see, whenever a white man has something of value they come in to fuck it up. I notice these days Davic Icke is speaking about them but he is a disinfomation agent, he only mentions half truths.

    Ask someone to send you the photos if they go in there, their names are at the bottom of the list and I am willing to bet, if someone spent 2-4 hours on those photos, tracing their family members, you find they are linked/connected, family members of those in the media in the US, Hollywood and probably related to Jeffrey Epstein.

    You think I am joking? This little satanic clique is the same clique that is no where but everywhere and in all ways related.

    Think about the billions they made destroying whites in South Africa, destroying Germans and then stealing their technology.

    They will not be happy until every white man is dead in this world.

    Adrian Gores cirlce works like this.

    He sits at the top of his board.
    Beneath him, his entire tight knit circle are ALL, ALL Jews.
    Then he has ANC ministers below that + BBBEE employees, now you know why he supported the black share scheme
    Below that, he has the dumb white goys, all sucking up to the boards.

    If Jews lie, do you think are lying or telling the truth when they tell us they cant fly from 12 stories up in the air?

    I say you can take them to the top of the building and test the theory out. You never know if they lie or not, who knows perhaps they cant fly or perhaps they can, innocent until proven guilty, lets test it out.

    So ask them, can you fly? “No goy” Well, we goys dont trust you, common, we know you can fly, “Vooop in the air they go, see how they fly”, NEXT…….next….next…..I guess they were right, they cant fly or maybe they can, after all they created the superman character, perhaps underneath their suits they have that little emblem.

  • 14th January 2020 at 2:07 am


  • 12th January 2020 at 12:44 am

    The billionaire info is very interesting. If you want to know more about billy rautenbach i can tell you some juice stories. i worked for him and I have seen some pretty weird shit.

    • 12th January 2020 at 4:05 pm

      Please tell me about Billy. Just drop me a line on the Contact us page. You can leave your real email address there too. I will never publish it and I will never give out your name. Tell me everything that you think whites need to know.

      I feel dog shit for these super rich scum. They are for the most part among the worst race traitors that we have. They feel nothing for us. They will jump on a plane and leave us to die later. They care nothing.


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