Video & Audio: Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: Do Blacks cause massive climate damage?


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Why are there so many droughts in Zimbabwe, almost for 15 years running and now these are impacting South Africa’s weather patterns like never before. Boer Jack and I have discussed an old idea of mine that the massive destruction of farming in Zimbabwe, and the desertification of Zimbabwe, might be impacting the entire region.

NB: NB: The satellite image I use in this video, which I posted on AfricanCrisis many years ago, is from 2004. This was only 4 years into a process which carried on until after 2015! So the actual ecological damage by the blacks might be much greater than you see on this satellite map. Of course, there is, as always, a cover-up of the massive damage these blacks do to the environment.

3 thoughts on “Video & Audio: Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: Do Blacks cause massive climate damage?

  • 28th December 2019 at 2:00 am

    It’s not the Whites of southern Africa that are intent on depopulating, for its being done to Whites themselves.
    (In 1910 the White race made up 36% of the world’s population. In 2019 it makes up 8% only and still falling)
    . Its the international Zionist banker cabal who had a coup d’etat against the British Empire then disbanded it and put Britain into the European Union as the first step toward the Jews’ ZIONIST COMMUNIST WORLD DICTATORSHIP.
    Bill Gates said that his preference for depopulation was VACCINATIONS.
    The UN Environmental elites told Martin Armstrong at a public dinner (thinking he was ‘one of them’) that global warming was NOT about the environment, it was really about DEPOPULATION.
    White Africans did not ‘get rich off these blacks’ . Whites actually FUNDED the civilizing of these Blacks ie building and paying for hospitals for them, roads, education, mining industry to provide wealth for them, electricity, sewage systems, modern agriculture to provide a bountiful of food so these Blacks BRED UP EXPONENTIALLY.

  • 22nd December 2019 at 7:11 am

    Weather weapons, look them up. Kissinger said they were going to use food to control Africa.

    If China can make clouds and turn a desert into an oasis, if the CIA could bring torrential rain down in Vietnam. Then connect the dots, the day the US delegation arrived here in August I believe, the minute Mike Pompeo landed Zims/Moz were hit with super hurricanes, cyclones.

    No coincidence.

    No bullets, no bombs, just weather weapons aka geoengineering. Warfare has changed, the West is so far ahead that we dont or cant even see it. I think the people, the whites in Southern Africa were getting rich off of these blacks and the powers that be know they are at war and want the populations reduced and not increased.

    How there are still farmers I dont know. Why would anyone want to keep on farming to prop up the population that wants to kill them I dont know

    In Afghanistan before they invaded it was hit by earthquake after earthquake. The reason? Bring down the tunnels in the mountains which the insurgents were hiding in.

  • 22nd December 2019 at 7:07 am

    Jan dont forget, these blacks farm goats which is pretty simple. Goats will eat everything right down to the root until nothing grows. Harry Booyens also puts in some photos of the black areas in the fertile parts of South Africa & they are baron.

    Then you go to the Northern Cape on Google Maps, its a waste land. Then Zoom in and you find patches of greenery. OF course, you zoom in to find those are farms.

    I noticed something else about Joburg. The sky has changed big time. It used to be clear skies most of the time with thick, fluffy clouds rolling through the air.

    Now its like this thick, grey hazy look you find throughout Joburg. Its the blacks burning shit in the former white suburbs and the amount of smoke now in the air has covered many parts of the outer central parts of former white suburbs in this permanent grey looking smoke and also comes from the Townships.

    Same old, same old.


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