Video & Audio: RACE WAR: An American Hero in Rhodesia: Capt. John Murphy – Operation Aztec, 1977

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This is my first video about battles in Rhodesia. In this video we look at Operation Aztec, where 700 Rhodesian troops invaded the black communist state of Mozambique.

We look at this from the American viewpoint as given by 2 Majors of the US Marine Corps who studied the Rhodesian war. Operation Aztec is the ONLY time I know of in any of the race wars of the Whites in southern Africa, where the white troops were commanded by a white from outside Africa. The commander was Captain John Murphy, an American. He came to fight with the whites of Rhodesia and later South Africa. He died in South Africa.

This unknown American soldier, came to help his white brothers in Africa and this is what he did when he was given a chance. He defied the orders of his Rhodesian commanders, and he pounded the blacks for all he was worth.

We also examine the bizarre and sad politics of South Africa’s Apartheid Govt undoing some of the work of Murphy and his brave soldiers. As always, politics undermines the efforts of the white soldiers in Africa. This is a recurring theme for Rhodesia and South Africa.

2 thoughts on “Video & Audio: RACE WAR: An American Hero in Rhodesia: Capt. John Murphy – Operation Aztec, 1977

  • 2nd March 2020 at 5:56 pm

    I’ve never heard of this guy. Thanks Jan.

  • 29th January 2020 at 3:03 pm

    Great idea to do a series on the Rhodesian Bush War and including our heroes (both Rhodesian born and from other nations). Don’t forget our honorary Rhodesian warrior, SAS then Selous Scout – ‘Schulie’ – from South Africa who was 1 of only 2 to win our highest bravery award:
    American John Murphy and South African ‘Schulie’ – these are inspiring White warriors to awake the latent genetic capabilities in our ethnic-European men in Europe, Britain, US, Australia, Canada, NZ.
    Great series, Jan.


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