Video: 2nd Anglo Boer War: The German movie Europe saw

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This is the most pro-Boer movie I have ever come across. Boers are normally depicted by the British/Jewish/Americans as retards and fools. But here is a movie made by the Germans during WW2 which show the Boers as a very brave, honest, upright people who are willing to DIE for their principles rather than surrender.

Few people know that Adolf Hitler as a young man was deeply interested in the Boers and that he spoke about them later when he was the Chancellor of Germany.

Dr Goebbels approved this movie which describes the Anglo-Boer war and the history of the Boers. It was shown across Europe. Some of the best actors and actresses in Germany had roles in this movie. This movie is the greatest tribute ever paid to the Boers and it comes from the Germans in WW2.

6 thoughts on “Video: 2nd Anglo Boer War: The German movie Europe saw

  • 22nd July 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Sell them on DVD

    • 2nd August 2017 at 2:11 pm

      Thanks. I’m open to the idea. If I can find support for it. Dr Peter Hammond has offered to help me on this and so far he is the only outlet that I’ll be exploring in the coming months.

  • 22nd July 2017 at 7:34 pm

    Thanks Jan for an amazing video. I have never, ever seen such a truthful account of what really happened in those dark years.
    Not even the so-called Afrikaners in the Jew driven film industry here would relate the true history for fear of reprisal and not being one of the artsy, fartsy club of socialites. Are they so afraid of rejection? Why is it so important for our Afrikaans actors to be part of that gay club.So they always depicted the Boer as a dumb Ditchman..
    The movie made me cheer at times and, at times, made me soo angry, and towards the end, I wept. So maybe I’m just a sentimental old fool, but it really got me in my sensatives.
    Anyway, I don’t know how to thank you enough for that movie. I’m going to pass it around and I’m going watch it, time and time again.
    Thanks Boet.

  • 21st July 2017 at 11:04 pm

    Yup, it’s about time, I hope to find more of these movies showing the evil British and their scheming and conniving to get their grubby hands on others property, thieves, that’s what they were and still are. I say that as an Englishman, we have done many good things that have benefited mankind but the evil deeds of our leaders vastly out weigh the good. Greedy bastards like Rhodes were psychopaths and where the British left off it would appear that the Americans have taken over, destroying people’s lives all over the globe. Multiculturalism is the cry today and we will have to fight to keep our nations, even the once mighty Britain will be swamped with nonwhites according to plan. Many are becoming aware of the deceit, this time against their own people, have these greedy bastards no conscience? I guess not. Sadly, we are so demoralised as a people that it will take a miracle for us to stop the planned flow of immigrants invited here to replace us. I hope the youth can learn the truth and can begin to organise and take our country back by force as I can see no other way of getting them out, using the system to fight the system will never work.
    Keep up the good work Jan and stay safe.

    • 22nd July 2017 at 7:15 pm

      Well said, Mal. I really feel for your people there in Britain. I have relations there too, and a stepdaughter married to a really nice guy and they have a little one as well. She always said that she didn’t want to bring up a child in this rotten system we have here in SA. The common people are not really to blame for the atrocities of your ruling class, and I would be the last to point a finger, but they have always been mind-whipped into venerating their leaders. Unfortunately, the people have been the unwitting pawns of the Anglo-American oligarchy and look what’s happening with Brexit.
      I fear that if you guys don’t get rid of that upper class, you are heading for an all out civil war. I think the majority of true patriots like Tommy Robinson and the guys in Britain first have come to terms with the probable outcome. Like all the rest of the world that’s going up in flames as the people wake up, there is nowhere to go to for safety. So there in the UK, as here in SA, there’s nowhere to go to. We’re going to have to weather the storm and take stock of the situation when it’s all over and done with. Maybe then we can ensure that the guilty parties, who caused the conflagration can be brought to swift and brutal justice for their their many crimes. Then we can start to rebuild, as we always do.
      Stay aware, Mal. Keep faith with the youngsters. There’s a whole lot of them that are awake to what’s going on and they just don’t like it, at all. I’m thinking that they will be our miracle when properly mobilized.

    • 1st September 2017 at 2:54 pm

      Well said, Mal…as a Englishman who lived in SA for over 30 years, I can see what will happen here in the UK, swamped by immigrants and the like, where I live is reasonable but I believe areas like London are no go areas if you are white! Jan knows his stuff, I have known him for some time and he speaks the truth..


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