VERY IMPORTANT: How Jews destroy Whites who go after the truth: Eric Hunt & the Jewish Holocaust lie

[The topic of Eric Hunt is very important. It was Eric Hunt who originally red-pilled me about the Jewish holocaust lie in 2013. I watched one of his videos first and it was excellent. That set me on the path to watching other holocaust videos. But I never forgot Eric Hunt. Later I contacted him and kept in touch now and then over a period of years.


Near the end of 2017 I decided to contact him to ask him to interview him and to find out how things were going with his EXCELLENT work regarding the Jews.


Imagine my horror when Eric said the holocaust actually happened and that he no longer denies it.

I had a number of email interactions with him and I was shocked by what he tried to convince me of.

Now I’m raising the story of Eric Hunt because he is just one of many of a long line of whites who have tried to get the truth out and somehow the Jews got to him.


Alex Linder and I chatted in private about Eric Hunt and Alex also said he’d really liked and admired Eric. I sent Alex some of Eric’s insane emails. We could not believe that this brilliant young American had become such a nut. I was convinced immediately that the Jewish filth had got to Eric somehow.


The topic of Eric Hunt is one we’ll revisit. I’m going to post a few related things because this young white guy was BRILLIANT and TOTALLY COMMITTED to exposing the Jewish filth. All by himself he had done brilliant work for years and now he’s a blubbering moron.


Eric showed me his apparent evidence which “convinced him” that the holocaust was for real. Its totally laughable compared to the fantastic work this dedicated young white man had done before. I truly wish there was some way we could help Eric. The Jews definitely got to him, being the absolute filth and garbage that they are. But that’s the Jews for you … they’ll hunt down individual whites to destroy their lives.


THE JEWS GOT TO HIM in the same way that the Jews are now after Monika Schaefer and have thrown her in jail in Germany. Jan]


2 thoughts on “VERY IMPORTANT: How Jews destroy Whites who go after the truth: Eric Hunt & the Jewish Holocaust lie

  • 24th January 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Was it carrot or stick ?

  • 22nd January 2018 at 3:12 am

    I will also add that David Irving, whom i followed based upon your recommendation, has essentially concluded the same! The Nazi killed a hella lot Jews. Albeit with bullets and trench graves rather than gas and crematoriums.


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