Very Funny: MEME: The BEST wall design for Donald Trump’s wall…

[I laughed so much at this. This is indeed the best wall design of all. But its sad to see … nothing is going up! I must admit I’m losing interest in Trump. Truly, he talked the talk, but if there’s no delivery … then its a waste of time. Trump may be the last American president I’ll ever have any interest in. I’ve already switched off. Here in South Africa I don’t follow ANY of our piece of shit politicians of any race. Each and every one of them is pure dog shit I tell you.

That stupid Jewish “wailing wall” that Trump is next to is actually a Roman Fort! The Jews never built it. The Romans built it! Jews built nothing in Israel. Even their stupid temple was built by Herod who was NOT A JEW!

Below is the meme on Gab that made me laugh so much! Awesome idea! That’s the right way to do it! Jan]

One thought on “Very Funny: MEME: The BEST wall design for Donald Trump’s wall…

  • 3rd March 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Herod, who was king when Jesus Christ was born, was an Edomite, he was king of Idumea. There were no jews at that time. The word jew is a hijacked word from Judean, an inhabitant of Judea. Jews are Edomites, even the jewish encyclopedea states that.


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