The Most Successful White South African spy in history: Gerard Ludi – How he helped the Western world

[This guy was so excellent that his work assisted the Western world. He was even trusted by Jewish scum like Joe Slovo, who was a Colonel in the KGB. Jan]

Gerard Ludi was recruited by SA Intelligence to infiltrate the Communist Party which had gone underground after it was banned in 1950. It was still active, financed by and working under the directions of Moscow with the aim of turning South Africa into a Marxist state.

Marxists had been fomenting and organising labour unrest in South Africa since the early 1890’s. By the 1950’s they appeared unstoppable. From their first tenuous hold on Russia in 1917 their evil creed had expanded until it was controlling almost half the world Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Korea, French Indo China, Malaya, Indonesia, Latin America and much of Africa.

Ludi successfully worked his way up the ladder into the inner circle of the communists’ top membership and became trusted by people like Joe Slovo, Ruth First and many other top South African communists. He was so trusted, in fact, that he was dispatched to Moscow to be schooled by top KGB officers in the Kremlin. He so impressed the Soviets that they dispatched him on a top secret mission to Beijing to seek information that the Soviets required. Ludi soon became one of the most important and successful Western agents working underground in the communist world.

Foolishly, the head of BOSS, General Hendrik van den Bergh, ordered that his cover be broken so that top communist, Bram Fischer could be successfully prosecuted. Ludi did so with reluctance, but his value as a Western agent was lost because of the exposure and he resigned from the Service having become a marked man and a target for assassination.

However, after a break of a few years he returned to the service to become Chief of the Top Secret and highly successful Clandestine Service, using four different identities he became responsible for controlling many hundreds of witting and unwitting agents operating throughout Africa and in many other countries around the world.

Intelligence was his game


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