The Jews DEFINITELY killed George Lincoln Rockwell & very likely poisoned Dr William Pierce

[This week I was chatting to someone who knew Rockwell and was even at the trial of Pattler who was accused of killing him. This man confirmed and said exactly the same thing as that Christian Pastor I interviewed. He said that there’s no ways in hell that Pattler killed Rockwell. He said the evidence was paper thin. He explained to me that this had to have been a professional sniper who got away.

Another topic I’ll be returning to is the role of the Jews in the killing of JFK. That’s a story that’s never mentioned.

But this same man then told me of the strange death of Dr William Pierce. This is the second time that someone has come to me with circumstantial evidence that Dr William Pierce was most likely poisoned.

I really wish we knew more about Dr Pierce’s death.


Even Adolf Hitler had 42 attempts on his life. That alone should tell you the Jews were busy. Jan]

2 thoughts on “The Jews DEFINITELY killed George Lincoln Rockwell & very likely poisoned Dr William Pierce

  • 29th January 2018 at 2:29 pm

    I agree, smells of gefilte fish. Planting a radioactive capsule in the back or seat of a leaders favorite chair will do the trick and gee, suddenly you get cancer. Oy vey. Jews have thousands of hears to hone their murder methods.

  • 20th January 2018 at 2:59 pm

    i always suspected that Dr Pierce was “done away with” by the kikez….he was hurting them too badly…
    how-ever, his major problem was that he refused to believe in “conspiracy theories”;
    i remember him ‘pushing’ the official BS, bogus baloney balderdash on 9/11 when it occurred……
    i seem to recall him also ‘believing on’ the same garbage media accounts of the OKC bombing…
    doubtless, this mind-set contributed to his ‘demise’ b’cs he would have been unable to entertain the idea that the effin’ jews could ‘get @ him’ via some bogus quack or hospital orderly…
    he knew a lot abt the jews but it seems he didn’t quite grasp how they work and plot ‘behind-the-scenes’….esp. by utilising
    chabbez goi “front-men” to do a lot of their dirty work for them…..
    i don’t think he even fully understood what a bunch of scum most “free-masons” are…..
    apparently: he went for a check-up some-time in late 2001…after that, his health deterioated quickly…..
    also: he did not carefully ‘vet’ the people working @ his WV compound…..there were, also, some new employees there in the months immediately preceding his death…..

    bottom line
    his total inability to believe in “conspiracy theories”, in the end, killed him………


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