Special News from Poland: Slavic Issues – Russian Jews agitating against Slavs – attempts to create tension


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[Here is a note which I have not fully studied. But it is a serious document from a serious writer, and I thought it is important to publish. I got this about 2 weeks ago. Jan]

Dear Sir,

It looks like my discussion with Jewish and Russian friends developed even further. I entirely agree with your statement that “Anything that is touched by a Jew can’t be trusted.”

Indeed, Polish Jews in their megalomaniac dream have positioned themselves as “nobles”. In reality, they were parasitic outcasts of the multinational society, were the King was head of executive branch, parliament (Sejm) with Polish noblemen members exclusively was legislative branch. The rest of the society was excluded: city dwellers (mostly of German origin), peasants and workers (mostly Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, etc,).

Jews executed (as everywhere in the world today) their influence via financial means exclusively not to mention modern time media, entertainment industry, and academia. The only exception is today’s Russia, were they are also entrenched in government and administration a result of their formal rule of Soviet Union, after Jewish coup that is called the revolution of 1917.

My article in question deals with the current mechanisms that they execute in the Slavic region and beyond as an overview aimed at providing basic education to uninformed society.

Because of this I would appreciate you posting my entire article (below) on your site.

Thank you,

Dr. Ignacy Nowopolski

These ambiguous Slavs and peculiar Jews

Throughout centuries Jewish diaspora gradually moved toward east of the European continent, becoming a major “next door neighbor” to their Slavic hosts. The reason of such phenomenon one may find in a different mentality of western and eastern nations. Slavs are patient enough to put up with customary unloyal Jewish behavior towards the host nations. Finally, even their endurance was exhausted resulting in so called “Jewish pogroms” in the Russian Empire. As a revenge, after World War I, Jews succeeded in establishing “judeo-communism” (Soviet Union) on the ruins of vast Russian Empire. After overwhelming Soviet victory over Germany in War World II, the judeo-communism was able to spread into Central Europe.
In Poland, Jews that survived (thanks to help of Polish society) joint en masse Soviet’s secret police and terrorized Poles into submission to their new occupiers. During the “cold war” period of bipolar world scheme, Jews enjoyed privileged positions on both sides of “the Iron Curtain”.
With the fall of the Soviet Empire in 1989 and subsequently the Soviet state itself; a “unipolar” world was created.

United States and its European allies were at this moment free to shape the World in any way they desired.

Post communistic nations of Central Europe, betrayed in Yalta, were now looking for a helping hand of the West in the rising from socialistic ashes. Especially Poland, who’s Solidarity Movement was a direct cause of socialistic system demise, was hoping for a better future in European structures.

As always in the past, Poland’s contribution in bringing freedom to enslaved European nations was quickly forgotten. Now, the politically correct euphemism of 1989 breakthrough is the “fall of the Berlin wall”; although, respected German citizens merely physically removed few concrete blocks of the wall. And this was after the breakdown of the socialistic system in Poland, and after flight of thousands of East German residents eastward to this country in search of asylum and freedom.

Two decades later, ominous Western “forgetfulness” advanced even further with some starting to accuse Poland of precipitating WWII and the Jewish holocaust.

From 1989 on, the Western corporations were busy designing a strategy for effective robbery of the post communistic societies’ wealth. At the same time, the Western political elite, followed by citizenry at large, reached unprecedented level of arrogance [at least since the Herrenvolk’s rise in 1930s Nazi-Germany].

After almost three decades of practicing such attitudes, the West brought immense misery to countless people around the world, political and social chaos throughout its sphere of influence, and serious economic crisis.

Indiscriminate use of real weapons of mass destruction such as “democracy” and “free market” ideology destroyed the world’s delicate socio-economic fabrics, creating a major instability.

Skilled use of weapons of mass distraction (main stream media) succeeded in lowering moral and intellectual standards to shameful levels. Most importantly, imperial media have been able to convince people in the post communistic countries to voluntarily join the newly established atheistic paradise of the EU.

At the time of euro-referendum in Poland, Eurosceptics circulated an ironic joke that after the incorporation, every Pole will get one Mercedes… to wash. Today, after over three decades of functioning in the Western sphere of influence, young polish generations accept being the second class EU citizens as normal as the Universal Law of Gravitation.

In summary, one may argue that the plutocratic elite of the Euro-Atlantic Empire (US/EU) succeeded in achieving its goal of creating “The New World Order”.

In the early 1990s, NATO was duly selected to become world police force. Its initial success in destroying Yugoslavia was indeed heartwarming. Not only all political objectives were swiftly achieved, but economic ones as well. Since the Euro-Atlantic Empire failed to “transform” post communistic economy of this country via financial means (as it was done in other Central European countries and in the former Soviet Union), it efficiently utilized “humanitarian bombings” for that purpose. This air campaign effectively destroyed Yugoslav (Serb)-owned industry.

One may only marvel at this performance, especially taking into account the successes of Kosovo’s extraction from Serbia.

In all this, the Empire overlooks one important detail. It currently is in a state of rapid disintegration. Insane policies of ruling plutocracy brought demographic catastrophe to Europe, additionally coupled with Islamic immigration, economic calamity in USA, and utter military defeat in the Middle East. Although, the West does not recognize these “achievements” yet, they are indeed tangible.

As a result of it, the Empire will be in total disarray within a few years at the most. It will not have any efficient military tool of suppression to deal with this problem. Euro-force has not yet been established, and NATO (beyond Yugoslav experience) has been mostly impotent. Its impressive strategic forces (navy, air force, missiles) are useless for policing purposes. Its conventional forces are being defeated by ragtag militias of primitive Islamic tribes all over Middle East.

Empire has been unsuccessful in securing a reliable global “vanquishing” force. Up to date US military and NATO have failed to win any and all conflicts created by the West. They did succeed in one, creation of global chaos and misery, and have pushed the word even closer to nuclear annihilation.

If executed, the planned war with Iran may bring the Empire to its knees both militarily and economically, creating utter chaos. In turn, this will leave the EU in ruins with Central European nations at the bottom of the pit. Nevertheless, it will give these impoverished and oppressed people a chance to free themselves from Western servitude.

In order to live up to the challenge, Central Europeans must understand both the world around them, and their own strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest problem for them is lack of genuine national elites. Current colonial-like “elites” may be characterized as having a slave mentality. They are both unable and unwilling to pursue national interests of their countries, always looking for a “master-sponsor”. They have been betraying their people all along with the disastrous results that may be clearly seen after decades of “transformation” and “Euro Atlantic integration”. In addition, their mere existence prevents any form of genuine regional integration of the Central European countries. Perhaps the only exception from the above described problems is Small Great Nation of Hungary and Her leader Mr. Orban.

In Poland, the government of gauleiter Tusk (current UE official) looked to Berlin for sponsorship, while the pseudo-patriotic segment of “elites”, congregated around President Kaczy?ski, and latter his brother Jaros?aw, built strong ties to Washington with all the disastrous consequences of this step (see Ukrainian example).

These “elites” fail to understand that “alliance” with the West is completely useless. The West always expects fulfillment of other peoples’ commitments, while ignoring its own.

Orthodox Christian Slavs of Southern Europe are busy reviving their historical alliances with Moscow. Notwithstanding common Orthodox roots, the Russians are a deeply troubled society with corrupt Jewish oligarchic elite. President of RF Vladimir Putin was able to modernize Russian armed forces, surpassing by all standards decaying US military, but appears to be unable or unwilling to rid of oligarchs in business, industry, and their cronies in media, and state administration.

Moscow is eager to play “pan Slavic” card for her gains, but revived soviet times sentiments in Russian society provide golden opportunity for western propaganda to paint RF as potential aggressor ready to reenter its imperial conquests.

One may agree that anti-Russian sentiments in Poland and other Central European countries are mere demonstration of imprudent tendencies in their societies. But how one may name “Russian” (Jewish) public media propaganda and glorification of soviet era including greatest mass murderers in human history such as Lenin and Stalin? Russian Nation was the first and greatest victim of Jewish putsch of 1917 called “Vielikaja Socjalistitscheskaja Oktiabrska Revalucja”. Bolsheviks not only exterminated Czar’s family, the aristocracy, industrialists, but also intelligentsia, wealthy peasants (kulaks), and as well as skilled factory workers. Even during occupation of Poland, Germans limited their genocide activities to upper classes of Polish society, leaving the rest of the population to work for “the victory of great german nation”.

I do not know how many Russians are buying this deeply offending them propaganda? But the fact is that Mr. Putin at least tolerates it in an exchange for cheap publicity of his personality such as RTR’s “Moskva, Kremlin, Putin” piece as an example.

So, in summary we have a peculiar situation of Russian Jews agitating against other Slavic nations, and Jewish masters of these nations spreading hatred toward Russia.

Inevitable collapse of the Euro-Atlantic Empire is going to expose Europe’s southern “soft belly” to vicious assault of Islam. Aggravated by painful experience of current Middle Eastern wars, Muslims may pose a dramatic threat to Europe’s very existence as they currently do to Russian Federation.

In such instance, there is going to be a necessity to stabilize and secure the region. This may be accomplished by some form of cooperation between Central European nations. Foundation of this has already been created in form of the Visegrad Group, but in order to advance the project, new authentic patriotic governments have to be established in the member countries, as a minimum similar to current Hungarian one.

In order to survive, these nations must overcome mutual animosities, which currently enable their enemies to successfully employ ancient divide et impera strategy.

The answer is in the creation of some sort of “Euroslavia” in cooperation or even confederation with Russian Federation. However, in order to accomplish it, Jewish hegemony must be curtailed in both regions.

Country: Poland

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