Some Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes on Christianity

Christianity was from the beginning, essentially and fundamentally, life’s nausea and disgust with life, merely concealed behind, masked by, dressed up as, faith in “another” or “better” life. — from Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy

“Christianity remains to this day the greatest misfortune of humanity.” ? Friedrich Nietzsche

“The majority of men prefer delusion to truth. It soothes. It is easy to grasp. Above all, it fits more snugly than the truth into a universe of false appearances—of complex and irrational phenomena, defectively grasped.” ? Friedrich Nietzsche

“This eternal accusation against Christianity I shall write upon all walls, wherever walls are to be found–I have letters that even the blind will be able to see. . . . I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough, I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race…” ? Friedrich Nietzsche

One thought on “Some Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes on Christianity

  • 28th November 2019 at 11:22 am

    Jan, I suggest an inclusive approach to this subject that brings your Christian readers with you rather than risk alienating them. Non-Christians and Christians have common ground — the science concerning primacy of consciousness (consciousness = God) and continuity of consciousness (life after death). There is respectable research to consider, e.g. van Lommel’s 2001 publication in the prestigious international medical journal, The Lancet (strong evidence of life after death in a heavenly realm).


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