Scare tactics: BitCoin Bubble & Jews/Liberal scum: Mass Media & “Reputable Business” try to scare people into selling!

The Dutch media ran a story the other day about how Bitcoins must be dumped as a way of being loyal to the Govt! Can you believe!

Elsewhere, “reputable investment companies” are saying the Bitcoin is a bubble. But the bottom line is that Bitcoin is ENORMOUS now, and clearly all these “big players” are trying to scare people into selling their bitcoins – openly telling them to dump them!

But these same bastards are of course looking at blockchain technology for themselves with which to launch products in the future based on BitCoin’s technology! This is typical of how the rich bastards work. I’ve reached the point where I think that all these business people never tell the common man the truth. They instead scare people into doing that which benefits them, then they are the ones who profit in the long run.

BitCoin rose by 50% in the past month. Its hitting incredible levels. But I have warned for long that I think they Jews will try to crash Bitcoin. Then they’ll say: “I told you so” and everyone will be crying for new legislation to “control it for the benefit of the masses”.

My own thinking is that one should not store long term wealth in Bitcoins because of the chance of failure. So just work according to your risks. But as a trading mechanism and a means of doing really nice transactions globally – its freaking AWESOME! Just don’t go sticking your pension into Bitcoin – unless you know what you’re doing and you’ve assessed the risk. But otherwise I’m totally sold on Bitcoin. I like these new digital currencies. This is the future, especially for WHITE PEOPLE!

One thought on “Scare tactics: BitCoin Bubble & Jews/Liberal scum: Mass Media & “Reputable Business” try to scare people into selling!

  • 5th December 2017 at 10:26 am

    Bitcoin Cash, is the real Bitcoin, at 13% of Btc hash power and price it is way under valued and supported by the same idealists and entrepreneurs like (Roger Ver and Rick Falkvinge) who made Btc so useful until it was mutilated by Blockstream.CBOE and CME are bringing out Btc futures Dec 10th and 18th. Banks will be able to use fiat price manipulation on this market. Not sure if this will affect the real Btc market though as they settle in cash.
    I hope you got your free Btc Cash!


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