S.Africa: About the Secession of the Sovereign State of Good Hope – Some whites are worried about WAR!

[Here are two articles I published on AfricanCrisis with my comments. Yesterday some whites were afraid that a war would begin as a result of the actions of this Khoi-San King. I’ve put some comments at the top of the articles that I’m linking to.

Dennis Fetcho was asking me more about this, and I’ll discuss it in an interview with him on Saturday. In the meantime I’ve been digging into this because I’ve not taken this seriously at all. I have uncovered some interesting things.

1) President Jacob Zuma tried to bribe this king with R44 million (about $3-4 million) to not go ahead with this.
2) Apparently the S.African Govt issued some kind of order to the mass media to not mention this story. (I’ve not seen proof of this but have only heard about it).

The King issued an eviction notice to the Govt.

My own view from my studies of history and politics is that if you don’t have guns and an army then you’re not a serious political player. That’s how the ANC came to power and that’s how ALL countries work. There were some hints that the King might have some support and that he had appointed 3 “Fieldmarshalls” to command whatever military forces he might have. So that interested me.

I’m still digging some more. I had originally heard about this from Melve but had not taken this seriously in the slightest.

There are interesting lessons and experiments in this process though. So even though I don’t think it stands a hope in hell of a chance of succeeding, there will be many useful lessons in here for the whites who either took part or who are watching it. Nothing is ever wasted. Jan]

Here are the two articles:
o Secession: Sovereign State of Good Hope: Khoi-San king declares that the Cape has seceded from SA – http://africancrisis.info/index.php/2018/07/24/secession-sovereign-state-of-good-hope-khoi-san-king-declares-that-the-cape-has-seceded-from-sa/
o Cape Secession: Khoi-San leaders distance themselves from ‘king’s plan’ to secede the Cape – http://africancrisis.info/index.php/2018/07/24/cape-secession-khoi-san-leaders-distance-themselves-from-kings-plan-to-secede-the-cape/

4 thoughts on “S.Africa: About the Secession of the Sovereign State of Good Hope – Some whites are worried about WAR!

  • 29th July 2018 at 7:18 pm

    This king is as fake as you can get . Firstly, the Bushmen never had a king but a elder leader of a very small migrating clan. Neither did the Hottentots , but they did have a chief of some kind . And that king definitely doesnt carry the features of a king.
    He was never acknowledged by the clan or the tribe as a whole .
    If he is being sponsored from outside then he has to make concessions to those sponsors when the Cape gets independence if ever. That is then a sellout . No foreign companies and multinationals will give support without concessions ,be they mineral , ocean resources or anything else. So ask yourselves , what will we owe to who when its all over? Will we really own anything? Do We at present ? I doubt it because the mining companies own us and if you look at the New York Stock exchange you will see us registered as South Africa Incorporated. Just a company , not a country. Keep slaving away!

  • 25th July 2018 at 10:10 am

    The problem with this is the san nor the koi ever had a kingship system in the first place, they had a chiefship & captain system. so to me this is a joke….

    https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.283438 textsThe Khoisan Peoples Of South Africa
    PAGE 335-6
    It must also be mentioned that to some of the Orlam chiefs, whose
    military prowess had made them feared and respected throughout
    the country, the temptation to become autocrats was very strong,
    and few could resist it. They generally contrived, therefore, either
    to aft quite independently of the council, which they treated as a
    mere advisory body, or, as in the case of Hendrik Witbooi, chief of
    the /Hobesen, they dispensed altogether with eleftions and nominated
    their own councils and officials, thus ensuring that their own trusty
    friends and supporters were placed in power. Hendrik Witbooi was
    a warrior chief of outstanding ability and enterprise, to whom
    democratic government was very irksome and distasteful. At the
    height of his power he styled himself the ‘‘ Lord of the Water and
    the Head Chief of Great Namaqualand ” ; letters addressed to him
    as the “King of Great Namaqualand” received immediate and
    gracious attention; and to his death he was a firm believer in the
    “divine right of kings”, claiming that he owed responsibility to
    no one except “ God the Father in Heaven ”.^

    The following “ Proclamation ”, published by him in the early
    days of 1891 , is of some interest, because it gives an idea of the system
    of government existing among all the Nama tribes at the time of the
    German annexation of South-West Africa. The only difference
    was that, while he was an autocrat to a certain extent, the other chiefs,
    like Willem Christian of the Bondelswarts, and Simon Kooper of
    the Franzmann Hottentots, relied more on popular approval and the
    support of their councillors than on their .royal prerogatives.

    • 31st July 2018 at 11:59 am

      Thanks for your info. I also think its something of a joke. They were probably chieftains as you say.

  • 24th July 2018 at 9:40 pm

    dig motherfucker, dig!


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