Richard Spencer thinks conspiracy theory that Jews are out to destroy the White race is ridiculous

[Here is a link to a comment by Tan Staafl on the Age of Treason. He discusses this enormous error that Spencer is making by believing one of the Jews’ basic lies – about their need for a state. Adolf Hitler was already pointing out this Jewish lie long before Israel was even created. He stated in Mein Kampf that most of the Jews would never even move there and that it is a lie that they need it. He said it would become a safe haven for Jewish criminals. At the link below Tan Staafl points out Spencer’s errors and he goes into more detail, referring to articles he’s written on this before.

My view is that the Jews LOVE it when people fall for one of their many lies. The moment they see someone falls for one of their lies they’ll do all they can to support him. Jews can only survive around people who fall for their lies. That’s why they spit hatred at someone as deeply intellectual as Adolf Hitler.]

Here is part of what Tan Staafl writes:

Channeling Taylor, Spencer downplays the jew problem, the age-old implacably anti-White nature of the jews and their jewing. This is an example of a White nationalist misunderstanding “the impulse toward zionism”. Spencer takes at face value the original disingenuous “zionist” claim (to solve the jew problem, and save the poor poor jews from evil evil Whitey, the jews just need a sovereign jew state), conflating it with and substituting it for today’s “zionist” reality (whereby parasitic jew-first kike and kikeservative elites oversee governments which extract and transfer non-jew resources to feed the jews AND their jew-first state).

You can read it all here, complete with the links:

One thought on “Richard Spencer thinks conspiracy theory that Jews are out to destroy the White race is ridiculous

  • 10th December 2018 at 3:07 am

    I wonder if Spencer thinks the idea that Jews fund anti-whites (like him) to talk nonsense is a ‘conspiracy theory’?


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