Rhodesians can cheer: The Communist POS Robert Mugabe is DEAD! – Liberal Lies about him!

I am extremely happy to hear that our arch enemy, of us Rhodesians, is now DEAD. I could have said “may he rot in hell”, etc, etc among many such meaningless phrases.

But the truth is he lived extremely well, and Britain especially sank lower than the British have ever done before in order to accommodate and assist this piece of garbage.

My family were mildly pleased, but none of us are smiling much because the whites of Rhodesia were treated like dog-shit by the Anglo-American world, while they feted and wined and dined and gave this communist piece of crap many soft landings when in fact he should have been killed and his country smashed into the ground.

The Rhodesians, in my view, were UNQUESTIONABLY, the BEST OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE, and it indeed says much about Britain itself.

Mugabe was very wealthy and the mild, soft little slaps on his wrist meant nothing. He even owned, and probably still owns a hotel in Britain. His assets are beyond belief.

I’m sure he was richly rewarded by the (((Rich))) for spreading communism in Africa and killing even blacks who tried to stand up for the West.

Mugabe lived a great life, and he was RICHLY REWARDED by the British and the Anglo-American world.

As for the British, I, myself, have gone from when I was a child, when we were told Britain is good and great; to realising that Britain is the most worthless, lowest country in the Western World.

It is a Jewish controlled nation that is heading towards its own doom, which it well deserves.

Mugabe deserved to have been tortured to death … rather than living to this ripe old age. His wife and son are rich beyond belief.

In Zimbabwe, even among the blacks he ruled, he was hated by most – even by his close allies, because he murdered or assassinated most of his close friends.

I think the utmost injustice was done to the Rhodesians, and it amazes me, that some still look up to Britain. What a piece of rubbish country that nation is. It is unquestionably the one with the lowest standards in all of the Western World.

I, for one, spit on Jewish Britain, the Queen and their filthy Jew-ridden upperclasses.

I can now understand why most Europeans hate Britain, and why the Boers hated Britain. Britain deserves to be hated for the injustices it allowed.

The good news is that Britain has lost its Empire, and I doubt it will ever regain anything like it. Britain will be the Jamaica of Europe … a rotten little non-white, Jew-ridden island … when the rest of Europe arises.

I will post some additional info about Mugabe, as well as replies I wrote.

In my view, there is no justice in any of this. He deserved to have been tortured to death at the very least. What a piece of scum he was. Jan.

2 thoughts on “Rhodesians can cheer: The Communist POS Robert Mugabe is DEAD! – Liberal Lies about him!

  • 7th September 2019 at 5:43 pm

    I fully agree and understand why you wrote such a scathing attack on old granny Britain. As an Aussie I am in such a minority of opinion that my views will never count for anything here, but that is just what I would expect of a nation of idiots.
    They certainly fit in with the British way of thinking and for NOT thinking when it’s all boiled down. They allowed themselves to be screwed by Jew Britain for generation after generation. Just as I have nothing but contempt for the British, as I also feel for my fellow Aussies. I have always felt hatred and contempt for idiots and Morons, and greatly enjoy seeing them get what’s coming to them.
    At age 15 in 1966, I watched as the Brit’s betrayed their fellow Whites, and I said even back then that the day would come that they would pay for their treachery and their idiocy. I would watch and listen to them hoping up and down on one leg as they would tug at their forelock, speaking almost in tongues in that stupid stuttering/stammering illiterate gargle they thought was English.
    Good riddance to them and their nigger infested shit pit, and as for my countrymen, as they sleep with their cricket bats and dream about foot balls, they too will learn what it is really like to be another White minority surrounded with coloureds that hate and loath White people for being a constant reminder of how inferior they are to the Aryan Whites of Europe.

  • 6th September 2019 at 10:59 pm

    Well phrased!
    Chapeau, Jan


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