Proof that Jewish pedophile Epstein is NOT DEAD? – No One Knows Why Epstein’s Secret Bank Account Moved Millio ns Since His Death


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(TMU) — A judge in the Virgin Islands has recently questioned the lawyers of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate after an old bank account registered to Epstein received millions of dollars from the estate in the months since his death. The account was opened by Epstein in the Virgin Islands in 2014 and was reportedly intended to be used for an international banking firm that he planned to develop.

On his application, Epstein said that he wanted to pursue the “dynamic discipline of international banking.” Meanwhile, on that same application, he glossed over his very serious criminal history and his status as a registered sex offender, saying that he dealt with a previous legal challenge but the case was discontinued.

The account in the Virgin Islands sat dormant with very little activity for many years, and it is unclear whether or not his international banking firm ever brought on clients. Local authorities suspect it was used as some type of shell company for his criminal enterprise. Despite the lack of activity and Epstein’s criminal record, the bank renewed his license every year since he was first approved.

The fact that this account exists is not unusual in itself—Epstein had dozens of bank accounts throughout the world that he used for a variety of different purposes, both legal and illegal. What is strange is that tens of millions of dollars have been flowing from Epstein’s estate into this Virgin Islands account since his alleged suicide. To make matters even more suspicious, the account was nearly cleaned out by the beginning of 2020 with no clear explanation of where the money went.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the bank had $693,157 in assets when Epstein died back in August but received roughly $12.9 million in the months since. The account was cleared out and left with just under a half-million dollars around the first of the year.

When questioned by Judge Carolyn Hermon-Purcell, the lawyers for Epstein’s estate said that the payments were made “in error,” but the judge was not satisfied with the explanation and demanded that the lawyers provide a full accounting of the payments made from the estate.

“There’s no explanation for it,” the judge said.

It is not clear when the lawyers for Epstein’s estate will be required to turn over the records, but it is expected to be a priority considering the many lawsuits that have been filed against the estate.


3 thoughts on “Proof that Jewish pedophile Epstein is NOT DEAD? – No One Knows Why Epstein’s Secret Bank Account Moved Millio ns Since His Death

  • 11th February 2020 at 2:21 am

    As soon as I studied the photo of Epstein’s ‘body’ which was definitely NOT him (it was a dummy used for training firefighters and its placement in a firefighters’ garage, I knew they were lying. If the marxstream media lied about that, they lied about him being dead. He’s in hiding – like ‘Kenny Boy’.

  • 10th February 2020 at 8:30 pm

    He might , he might not be dead , but your reasoning is speculative . When someone dies then the estate lawyers call in all debts owing to the deceased and that was probably the sources of the money . Otherwise someone else is manipulating it ….or …… could be him from Israel. Until proof is found, speculation is just that , speculation.

  • 10th February 2020 at 8:21 am

    This inquiry by the judge will go no where no doubt. The Estate manager/s have a right to transfer funds of sales or liquidation legally and being they are lawyers with more Jew connections are probably sharp as a tack in evading the Courts! No doubt his Estate is being managed by more Jews so we can expect corruption to the max.


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