Professor Jordan Peterson – A Canadian Jew with a HATRED of Germans and Hitler…

With regard to Christopher Jon Bjerknes, I want to return to Jordan Peterson, the “Canadian super intellectual”.

My Boer NAZI pal and I had discussed him quite a long time ago, and he has a pretty good “Jew-dar”. He was telling me that he thinks, by his name, that its possible that Peterson is an ACTUAL JEW.

And that would not surprise me. I watched a lot of his videos some time back to assess him and I noticed his seething hatred for GERMANS. That man hates Germans with a passion … which really can only come from a Jew.

So we have a Jew, I think, faking it as an “intellectual conservative” and generally trying to regain lost ground… He’s trying to catch back some of the minds that otherwise would be heading our way.

I was not impressed with his lectures to students. He’s a pompous ass-hole.

So I think we’ve got either outright Jews or Jew shills working and trying to demonise and twist Hitler in other ways to drive the youngsters away from revering a man who did amazing things within the last hundred years.

I have no time for anyone with a seething hatred of Germans. That definitely shows some underlying JEW at work. Scum.

The Jews I knew, similarly expressed a SEETHING HATRED OF EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS in the past… more tell tale nonsense from Jews.


4 thoughts on “Professor Jordan Peterson – A Canadian Jew with a HATRED of Germans and Hitler…

  • 30th September 2019 at 11:59 pm

    Jan thanks for your post on this odious individual. His intense hostility toward those who challenge him is typical of a highly narcissistic personality. It’s called “narcissistic rage” and it seems that Peterson seethes whenever his intellectual limitations are exposed.

    A core issue with these narcissists is an inability to accept their feelings of inadequacy, which they can venomously project onto others as if their life depends on it.

    Peterson’s facial features and expressed views seem Jewish. However in my experience it’s unusual for a Jew in his position to be so easily threatened. A possible explanation for this insecurity is that Peterson’s intellectual ability and subject knowledge do not seem particularly high and fall far short of his “super intellectual” status. The gulf between his felt superiority and reality would predispose the defensiveness / aggressiveness that we see in Peterson.

  • 30th September 2019 at 11:24 pm

    EPHR this is indeed a highly informative video about JP. Thank you for the link. I would strongly recommend this video to anyone who needs to be ‘cured’ of this celebrity ‘intellectual’.

  • 30th September 2019 at 4:16 am

    Jan I really thing you should drop the word “nazi ” and use national Socialist, this jew word insults genuine national Socialists.

    Regards Joe


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