One thought on “Pic: Which Race is older? Jews or Whites (Caucasians)? – People lived in these houses before Adam & Eve…

  • 17th November 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Jews are not a race but for lack of a better word, they are mongrels. Race mixed. They originate from Cain and his race mixed wife in the garden, the serpent aka the Nacash in Hebrew. She was a product of the white race of Genesis 1:26 and pre-Adamic asiatics in the land of Nod, which was the East. She was proto jewess an enchanter who was trying to lure Eve away from God’s orderly creation and destroy the family, no differently than Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem did in the 60s. The Nacash is the reason why jews take their heritage from the mother. Adam and Eve were a separate creation from Genesis 1 white Adamic men. Adultery has been turned on its head but the original command was not to adulterate the flesh with the beasts of the field, which are asiatics and blacks. Jews are serpents and scorpions and arabs have same bloodline to Cain through the Canaanites just like the jews. God did not plant these mixed races and declared in Matthew 15:13 they will eventually be rooted up.


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