Pic: Hitler looking threadbare, worn, like a regular guy…

[I scanned this photo from a beautiful book my American host had of the Berghof, in German. There were stacks of photos I had never seen before. What I really liked about this photo is Hitler looking a bit threadbare and possibly occupied mentally in other ways. My host was saying “Hitler looks like a regular guy”. And notice his clothing is a bit threadbare.

I like this photo a lot. Jan]

One thought on “Pic: Hitler looking threadbare, worn, like a regular guy…

  • 25th April 2019 at 12:02 pm

    Depends when the photo was taken. One interesting “fact”: In the attempted assassination on his life by placing explosives close to him, he actually died in that attack. Adolf Hitler had eight shadow figures. One of the shadow figures took over and it could explain the very erratic behavior following the attack. It can also explain why they could not find the dental proof of his existence. Very difficult to verify if it is just a theory or the truth.


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