Photo: NAZISM: Hot white men, Hot white women & LOTS of WHITE BABIES!

[You can slice it how you like it. But NAZI’s just rocked 70+ years ago! White men became leaner, more alive and totally determined!

Apart from Hermann Goering, see if you can find even one fat NAZI! (But I must say, Goering, whatever his faults were, had a courage that is rare and in my view he redeemed himself at the Nuremberg trials where he spoke for his people and told the truth in a totally rigged kangaroo court).

White women become leaner and hotter too and the women were totally dedicated to their families. The end result was a happy, tight-knit bunch of white men and women with *LOTS* of little white kids.

I really like this photo below. Here you see white men being masculine and looking good, smart, happy and healthy and they’re with gorgeous, well-dressed white women who are being girls! All are happy and having fun. In this case the German is teaching the “girly” girl how to shoot.

The Jews no doubt UTTERLY HATED white men like this – cool, calm, manly and confident and their lovely women with their happy families. No! What the Jews preferred for the Germans is a life of endless GUILT and HATRED spewed at them from every possible angle imaginable. That’s why, even now, over 70 years after WW2, 9 million of the world’s 16 million Jews are still leeching off the Germans today with bogus holocaust pensions. Utterly sickening.

But, my fellow white people, NAZISM, which is totally natural and utterly healthy is what we should strive for WITH ALL OUR MIGHT! Then we’ll all be alive and happy and we’ll be #TEAMWHITE!

PS: Alex Linder and I recorded 2 new videos. Don’t miss them. One is about the sickening Las Vegas Massacre. The other is about the Jew Stefan Molyneux whose faking it as a “consvative” and “anti-communist”. Phooey! Jan]

2 thoughts on “Photo: NAZISM: Hot white men, Hot white women & LOTS of WHITE BABIES!

  • 9th October 2017 at 5:37 am

    Alert………In Australia a new white supremacist group who call themselves the “Antipodean Resistance” has been formed. Although something is wrong with this group. They appear to be a Jew inspired hate movement designed to keep up the hatred of both Adolf Hitler and Jews themselves. There is only one slick video of a hiking/camping trip in the Grampian Mountains of Victoria Australia. Type in “Antipodean Resistance Channel” to locate this video. Antipodean Resistance has received massive exposure in the mainstream media newspapers in Australia, and this in itself is informative, as they are rounding up new members. Yes, the mainstream media is advertising on behalf of Antipodean Resistance. They are so clandestine that those running it are anonymous. I suggest that Antipodean Resistance is a Jewish initiative, a fraud, merely started to perpetuate the hatred of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists. Jews work in mysterious, convoluted ways and they create hatred towards themselves as a course of action. Groups who know what Jews are up to do not hide behind a veil of secrecy yet, as the law currently allows white supremacist groups to operate. Have a look at this video and look at the articles on the internet as they all come from one source, the Jew production line of manufactured hatred.
    The video has most features disabled and cannot be linked.

    • 9th October 2017 at 6:34 am

      Thanks for this. This is very interesting. The newspapers are never to be trusted. Got nasty be on to something. Please keep me in the loop.


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