Video: Re-Release: 911 Architects, Experts & Explosions

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The scientific & engineering evidence shows clearly that the collapse of 3 buildings on 911 was from pre-planned explosions. THOUSANDS of people must have worked on the project to murder those people who died on 911! We look closely at an excellent documentary done by Architects, Engineers and scientists, specifically Physicists. It is well worth showing to people who believe that on 911 the buildings fell down due to being hit by planes. This in-depth documentary shows you the pure physics and engineering which indicates that these buildings were blown up.

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Video: Re-Release: The Jews had me fooled A Jewish engineered Pearl Harbour

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I made this video in June 2015. It is only recently that I looked at 911, the physical & scientific evidence and realised the horrific Jewish connection staring me in the face!

Jews boast: The Jewish Designers of North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb

[Donald Trump is upset by North Korea. In my view, America has NEVER fought communism when it ought to, except perhaps in Vietnam. Otherwise they’ve aided and abetted communists. Only the Europeans, our brethren actually fought communism, and the Germans did so most of all.

Here you see the Jews boasting. I doubt the Jews are as good as science as they make out. I’ve read where people who worked with the Jew Oppenheimer said that he was incompetent. This website, The Jewish Daily Forward is one of the most prominent Jewish websites in the USA. Now the Jews here boast about inventing the hydrogen bomb which is far more powerful than the fission bombs. The topic of Jewish competence in science and technology is one we’ll revisit. I have worked with Jews. I am not impressed by them. I think they are vastly overrated and they never miss a chance to boast amongst themselves. This is such an article. And notice too how often Jews help communists. Jan]

This article originally appeared in the Yiddish Forverts.

The whole world was recently unnerved to learn that North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on September 3rd, 2017.

According to an analysis of the seismic activity measured from the blast, North Korea’s nuclear scientists seem to be familiar with the Teller-Ulam design for thermonuclear weapons. While famous in scientific circles, many are unaware that the classic hydrogen bomb design is actually named after two Jewish physicists, Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam.

Soon after the infamous bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, American scientists started working on a second-generation super weapon. On November 1, 1952, the first full-scale test of Teller-Ulam’s bomb design was conducted on the Pacific island of Elugelab in the Enewetak Atoll. The blast, over 450 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, pulverized the entire island, sending its remaining ashes about 27 miles into the sky.
 The Soviet Union almost immediately followed suit and built its own variety of the Teller-Ulam bomb, successfully testing it in 1953. Although the USSR had already developed a novel thermonuclear weapon in 1949, the American design was chosen for its efficiency. Klaus Fuchs, a German physicist who performed some calculation work for Edward Teller, supplied the design to the Soviet government and was subsequently convicted by British authorities for spying.

The nuclear arms race culminated in 1961, when the Soviet Union demonstrated its Tsar Bomba capable of evaporating an entire country. Reverberations from the blast shattered windows in parts of Norway and Finland, almost a thousand miles away from the Arctic test site.

The building of basic nuclear weapons requires highly complicated industrial processing of uranium enrichment and advanced research facilities. After the preliminary 1952 experiment, the American scientists developed an ingenious design, which radically reduced the size and cost of thermonuclear bombs. Although tritium, the ultra heavy isotope of hydrogen, is commonly used in small amounts for medical research, emergency exit signs and glowing key chains, it is a highly expensive and tightly controlled radioactive gas produced by nuclear reactors. In the Teller-Ulam design, the bomb itself generates its own tritium during the explosion from lithium deuteride, a relatively cheap and easy to obtain material.

All hydrogen weapons contain small uranium or plutonium-based nuclear bombs, which serve as detonators. During the first stage of the explosion, the uranium atoms rapidly decay, producing an enormous amount of energy and turning lithium into tritium. During the second stage, the initial nuclear blast causes deuterium and tritium atoms to collide, thereby beginning the explosive chain reaction of the two hydrogen isotopes.
 Fortunately, lithium deuteride is usually a harmless salt-like chemical. Nevertheless, once a country obtains basic atomic reactors and weaponry, it may be able to use it to dramatically enhance the power of its weapons thanks to the brilliant invention of two American physicists.

Edward Teller (1908-2003) was born in Budapest. Albeit secular, his parents, Ilona and Max, always fasted on Yom Kippur. The scion of a wealthy Hungarian-Jewish family, his father worked as an attorney and his mother was a pianist.

After immigrating to America in 1935, the young scientist whose doctoral studies focused on hydrogen atoms soon joined in the nuclear weapon’s research lead by Robert Oppenheimer, a Jewish scientist from New York. As a staunch supporter of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, Teller reported Oppenheimer as a “security risk” for the latter’s vocal concerns over the efficacy of the bomb. As a result, Oppenheimer’s security clearance was revoked, allowing Teller to further advance his hawkish agenda.

Stanislaw Ulam (1909-1984) was born in Lemberg (today, Lviv) into a wealthy Jewish family of bankers and businessmen. A mathematician, he was hired by John (Yonah) von Neumann, a Hungarian Jew and one of the founding fathers of computer science who made important contributions to the development of the hydrogen bomb.

The head designer of the Tsar Bomba, Yuli Khariton, was Jewish as well. Born in St. Petersburg to an actress and a prominent Communist journalist, he became the chief designer of Stalin’s nuclear project, which was initiated in 1943.

While undoubtedly brilliant, some of these groundbreaking scientific discoveries may raise eyebrows today and make us wonder whether these secrets of the universe were worth discovering at all. After all when exploded, thermonuclear weapons literally “break the ground” in the most devastating way ever invented by man.

Nevertheless, it’s still remarkable to learn how much, throughout history, the tiny Jewish population has contributed to these most significant scientific advances of mankind.


9 million of 16 million Jews are scamming Germans over the fake Holocaust!

According to my Japanese pal, 9 million of the world’s 16 million Jews are still collecting “reparations” because the benefits have been extended to children and dependents born to the “survivors” even those born AFTER WW2! Apparently they get $35,000 for signing up with $2,000 per month for LIFE & free medical.

But for those who don’t know, the OFFICIAL Jewish definition of Holocaust is ANY territory that Germany occupied during WW2. Thus if Germans controlled a town for a single day … then any Jew who lived in that town is a “holocaust survivor”. I’m not kidding. That’s why there are so many “holocaust survivors”.

But I suspect, knowing how the Jew scum work, that many who never were in any occupied German territory are probably claiming as well. The holocaust is a huge huge global Jewish scam. But the Jews have SO MANY global scams running.

The bottom line is that these people have been fleecing Germany in more ways than you can believe since the end of WW2. Germany has even given Israel free submarines and military equipment. The Jewish scamming just never ends. I also read that large numbers of Jews are now leaving Israel to live in Berlin! It seems that the Jews don’t like working or fighting the Muslims so they need to go to Germany where they can parasite off the Germans again.

South Africans told me how Jews even here in South Africa, in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, were lining up monthly to receive their holocaust survivor checks every month!

JEWISH CENSORSHIP: Google will fix a “bug” to HIDE the fact that Jews control Hollywood

[I’ve been writing computer software for over 36 years. I assure you there’s no BUG. Its simply that their algorithms were working correctly and finding the correct material. But the Jews clearly don’t like what the Google software is finding so the Jews want them to modify their algorithm. I suspect the Jews are chucking a whole bunch of algorithm changes into this. I recall reading quite a long time ago, maybe 2 years ago that the Jews were then already talking to Google and Microsoft (Bing search engine) and others. I strongly suspect that the Jews have already been forcing MANY software changes on Google and Microsoft and others … but that even this is not good enough. Ergo more Jewish nonsense.

Jews commit crimes and the Jews then rush around trying to avoid the karma that is coming to kick their teeth out. The BAD SAD NEWS is that the Jews manage to avoid their well-deserved karma far too many times. Far too much! This is the true sadness. Jews are NEVER punished even to 10% of what they DESERVE I’m afraid. Jan]

Look at how the Jews shut this man up:

Gary Oldman was forced to apologize after he claimed in an interview that Hollywood was ‘run by Jews’

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You can read the entire sickening article here:

Jewish degeneracy knows NO LIMITS! – Incest & Talking Vaginas…

There’s no end to the degeneracy of the Jews. Apparently on Netflix there’s a movie coming out “Big Mouth” which is actually an animated, speaking vagina.

But don’t worry… the Jews are ALSO giving INCEST the big thumbs up! No kidding. Jews are encouraging people to have sex with their family members and apparently there’s even a mother whose hoping to have a baby fathered by her own son. When it comes to sex as a diversion, there is no level the Jews won’t sink to.

I’ve heard of brothels in Germany for dog sex and bestiality. Rest assured that’s what the Jews want for Germans because they don’t want Germans to have white kids. Ergo modern Germany has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe – the TOTAL OPPOSITE of Adolf Hitler’s days. I strongly suspect there is nothing wrong with Germans – but if you receive an education and a staple media diet of JEWISH HATRED throughout your life your self-esteem will take a beating.

But don’t worry … the answer to ALL of life’s problems (in my view) is: WHITE MEN WITH GUNS!!

White men with guns can fix any society on any continent at any time. We’ve done it before and we will need to do it again! 14/88

On the social media when I posted this story, and American lady named Tina wrote the following to me:

German bestiality brothel? Gross. Just as long as Jewish women aren’t doing it, right? Years ago, I was living on the West Coast and I saw the adult sex scene, from adult video stores to San Francisco night clubs. One night, my friends and I were talking about this porn star, named “Mila, the Queen of Nasty”. Anyhow, this older Jewish guy I knew said that he didn’t like Mila and the idea of a Jewish woman being so disgusting. He told me that he didn’t like seeing Jewish women lower themselves like that. I told him that he was mistaken, because Mila was Russian, not Jewish. He then informed me that she’s a Russian Jew, which I knew nothing about, (at the time). But that told me right there, these guys were all for white goyim chicks taking it in the ass from a multitude of men and beast, but they didn’t want their Jewish women being of any part of it. I heard it all for myself. Straight out of the horse’s mouth!

This is why I believe that David Duke speaks the truth!

How many Americans are aware of the Jewish Question? – Andrew Anglin’s answer…

[Andrew Anglin made these comments on Gab about how many people are aware of the Jewish question. Interesting analysis. I assume by “big Trump cuck” he’s referring to Trump being a total flop as President. Trump has also switched me off. I seriously expected something more. Now he seems intent on making war with North Korea. Its about 60 years TOO LATE. The USA has almost NEVER fought (Jewish communism) actually. ONLY EUROPEANS, WHITE EUROPEANS EVER ACTUALLY FOUGHT AND SMASHED JEWISH COMMUNISM. e.g. Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary. The Portuguese fought them in Africa and the French fought them in Vietnam. America has never fought communism when it should have. The Japanese were fighting communism in China before America helped it to go communist! The Jews working right under your nose. Anyhow, here is Andrew Anglin’s analysis on the Jewish Question in the USA. Jan]

Andrew AnglinPRO · @AndrewAnglin
6 hours

We have 10% now, and the big Trump cuck it appears is coming is going to double that within a year.

Then I think we can pick up 5% more by 2020.

This shut down is actually helping.

Video: JEWS105: Jews are too sly & sneaky for Whites…

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I am struggling to find a way to tell my fellow whites how utterly sly and sneaky the Jews really are and how often they fool us. They fool us far more than you realise. You really must study them far more closely.

Jews know better than us how much they score and win by lying. We miss out on so much even when the Jew is right under our noses!

Attention: Are you having Video viewing problems on

I’d like some feedback from folks to see how many of you are viewing videos without a problem on your devices and how many of you are having problems on some/all of your devices.

Please let me know which devices which which operating systems are working/not working for you.

When I checked some months ago it seemed to be mostly Linux users and perhaps certain phones.

I have been looking into a technical solution for this.

If some of you who are having problems can notify me, then I’m thinking of testing the solution. I would need to set up a test video or two and see which ones you can view and which ones you can’t.

I think I have a full solution for most of you … but its pretty complex and chews a lot of disk space. But I think I can do it. It is important for me that as many people as possible can view the videos.


Attention: Whites: URGENT Petition: Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017

[The Jews are on a MASSIVE global offensive against the white race. They’re doing their utmost with NET NEUTRALITY to destroy our independent websites. I’m telling you the Jewish HATRED of Europe our common homeland knows no bounds. The Jewish filth are busy with their attempts to censor the Internet – but that censorship is of course focused on WHITE “racists”. Apparently if you love your fellow whites then that’s the most EVIL thing in the world…

Now take a look at this incredible law the Jewish filth of the USA have put before that US Congress of cuckolds. Just look at its name: H.R.672/S.198 “Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017.”

Interesting name hey? The “European Anti-Semitism Act”. Isn’t that spitting in the face of all us whites? Furthermore, FOR THE RECORD the Whites of Europe were RIGHT about the Jews as the rest of us whites outside Europe have learned at our GREAT COST! Our fellow whites WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!

There’s a petition someone drew up for us to sign. I’ve already signed. PLEASE SIGN AND SPREAD IT TO ALL OTHER WHITES! This is important. Sign it and spread it to our fellow whites EVERYWHERE!! Jan]

The petition reads:

DO NOT PASS the H.R.672/S.198 “Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017”
Created by M.R. on September 13, 2017

The H.R.672/S.198 “Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017” violates our 1st ammendment right to freedom of speech and is a major conflict of interest in regards to US foreign affairs.

Examples and definitions of anti-Semitism described in B, C, D, and E of the act, can be interpreted as mere CRITICISM. This infringes upon our Constitutional rights under the 1st Amendment.

Many of the sponsors and co-sponsors hold and maintain dual citizenship of both Israel and the US. This does NOT put the American people first and is a direct conflict of interest in relation to US foreign policy.

We call on Congress and specifically ask the Senators in the Committee on Foreign Relations to PREVENT the passing of this bill on behalf of the American people.

You can view and sign the petition here: