Video: Re-Release: Are Jews trying to start WW3?

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This is a re-release of a video I did almost 2 years ago which is still relevant and worth following up on: I discuss how Jews infiltrate Christianity and also Islam. Jews infiltrate anything! Jews boast about how they infiltrate Muslims. I made this video in 2015 wherein I discuss why I believe the Jews are going to do their utmost to start WW3 using every trick in the book. It may take them a few years (as it did when they started WW2 in 1933) I discuss how Jews stir hatred between Christians and Muslims and how they want Christians and Muslims to slaughter each other while the Jews do nothing! The Jews are the beneficiaries of these malicious tactics.

Video: Re-Release: History Reviewed Channel Update No 2

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People have been asking me what’s been happening to me since I lost my job and what happened to the court cases. This is an update regarding that and my channel.

Jewish-owned Supermarket chain to fire 10% of staff: 3,500 workers!

[Raymond Ackerman who started Pick ‘n Pay is a Jew. As I’ve mentioned before Hitler banned chains of stores. I would agree with that because I’ve watched how “big business” ALWAYS destroys the little private businesses. ALWAYS! The big ones survive and everyone else goes into the toilet. Talk about unfair competition!

Don’t be fooled by the junk South African term: “Retrench”. It means they’re being fired. 2017 is a very bad year for South Africa. This is one of many big businesses taking a beating. But don’t worry! THE RICH ALWAYS LOOK OUT FOR THEMSELVES FIRST! So they fire everyone else while they continue to live well! That’s “capitalism” for you! Jan]

The Head Office of Pick ‘n Pay

Pick n Pay has cut 10% of its staff, eliminating approximately 3,500 jobs, the South African grocer said on Monday, as the country grapples with its first recession in eight years.

Most of South Africa’s retailers have flagged lower or stagnant profits as consumer confidence and business sentiment plumb multi-year lows amid political turmoil.

Pick n Pay, which employs around 35,000 people, said the cost of the retrenchments will weigh on its profits in the six months to end-August.

“The voluntary severance programme is one of several steps we have taken to make our business more competitive in what is a tough trading environment. For reasons of timing, it will have a material impact on our result,” Chief Executive Richard Brasher said.

Pick n Pay expects its headline earnings per share for the half-year to fall by more than 20%, the company said.

But payroll savings from the second half of the year will neutralise the effect of the retrenchment costs on its full-year results, Pick n Pay said.

“In subsequent years, the reduction in employee numbers will have a significant positive impact on the operating costs of the group, creating additional headroom to reduce prices and improve value for customers,” it said.

Pick n Pay, founded 50 years ago, also has operations in Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Namibia.

Jobs were cut at head office, in the company’s regional structure, store operations and in its supply chain, it said.

“These roles and functions were no longer required due to improvements in organisation, planning and technology,” Pick n Pay said.

The company has invested heavily in new distribution centres since 2010 to compete with rivals Shoprite and Woolworths, who have both grown rapidly over the past decade.

Shares in Pick n Pay were up 2.9% at 63.38 rand by 0921 GMT, compared with a 0.7% rise in the JSE’s All-share index.

• This article has been amended from the previous version to correct the headline and first paragraph, reflecting that the job cuts have already taken place.

– Reuters


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South Africa: Crime: Violent, bloody, Cash-in-Transit robberies are the norm!

[Here is an incident that happened today. This is just one of countless such incidents that go on all the time. Violent, bloody, cash-in-transit heists have been going on for the last 20 years. The sheer violence is unreal, but almost none of this makes the mass media and it hardly elicits even the slightest outrage anywhere. This is the “new normal” of the mad post-Apartheid South Africa. Jan]

Tuesday, August 01, 2017 11:03

A Cash Solutions cash in transit van has been bombed on the R71 route near Gravelotte in Limpopo.

The South African Police Services (SAPS) in Limpopo say the R71 road between Tzaneen and Gravelotte towards Phalaborwa will be closed off to traffic.

This as forensic investigations are being conducted at the scene of the crime.


Italy: Thousands of African Invaders are Infected with HIV

[Here is typical Jewish maliciousness being unleashed on Europe. This mad drive to get non-whites into Europe and even into the heart of the USA is unbelievable. We whites from Africa aren’t allowed into former “white” countries, but any black scumbag from any part of Africa can move into Germany, Italy, UK, etc. I see the Jews as a malicious, spiteful bunch of spoiled brats who do anything the hell they want to whites people when it suits them. They are nation destroyers and they have 1001 different ways of working towards the downfall of a nation. Jan]

While the ports of southern Italy are filling up with thousands of immigrants who have recently disembarked, the Fratelli d’Italia deputy, Edmondo Cirielli, is sounding a new disturbing alarm that, at least until today, has not been taken into consideration. “The people disembarking on Italian coasts are first of all coming from Nigeria, the second country, after South Africa, with the greatest number of people affected by Aids.” And now he wants to know what the government is doing to prevent or, at least, monitor this risk.

According to estimates, at least 20% of the Nigerian population is HIV positive. Cirielli calculates that “since in the last three and a half years, more than 80 thousand Nigerians have arrived, we can assume that more than 15 thousand of them are HIV-positive.”

This is from The Daily Stormer. Their original source article is in Italian:

Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: IMF: White Genocide has Decivilized Africa

[This is a very interesting article from The Daily Stormer. What annoys me though is that the Jews and their Liberal Elite scum do everything they can to protect these black communists like Mugabe, Mandela and others whom they worked to get into power. 5 countries that were ruled by whites: Angola, Mozambique, (German) South West Africa (Namibia), Rhodesia and South Africa were all shattered by Jewish communism sponsored by the Soviet Union and Communist China. All I can conclude is that the goal is to ensure that the whites in Africa NEVER rise again – the same way the Jews don’t want the Germans and Japanese to rise again. No matter what happens, any means will be sought to keep the black communist scum in power AIDED AND ASSISTED BY THE USA AND BRITAIN – two white nations always keen to do the bidding of the Jews! Jan]

In a recent report, the International Monetary Fund has concluded that after three decades of Black rule, central South Africa has been reduced to a near primitive state. Some formerly civilized countries in the region, like Zimbabwe, are effectively 95% unemployed. Forbes even likened the economic conditions to the ancient city-state of Ur.

The bleak economic decline is the result of one atrocity: White genocide.


Zimbabwe’s economy is facing difficulties. A severe drought and slow reform revenues. With limited access to foreign inflows, the ensuing fiscal imbalances have become unsustainable.

Translation: The Black proto-state economy is at a near standstill. There are no more Whites for Blacks to steal from and the bills are long past due.

You can read the rest of the article here as well as see the photos:

South Africa: Court Rules that “Fuck White People” Display is Not Hate Speech

[This is a very weird story from the Daily Stormer. This “person” in South Africa is downright weird. However, the court ruling does not surprise me. When Julius Malema was taken to court over the many times when he incited genocide and black hatred of whites – he got off each time. These courts will always rule against white people. These courts and the legal system and justice system is a joke. Jan]

Some disgusting fat blob in South Africa named Dean Hutton has put together a display containing only the words “Fuck White People.”

A court has ruled that the display is not hate speech.

News 24:

The controversial Fuck White People artwork displayed in the South African National Gallery was not in contravention of South Africa’s hate speech laws, the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court ruled on Tuesday.

The court compared the work by genderqueer artist Dean Hutton to the messages of struggle expressed by ANC liberation stalwarts like Albert Luthuli and Nelson Mandela, the Cape Party said in a statement.

You can read the rest here and view the utterly weird pics of this “artist” as well:

Video: How Alex and Jan woke up to the Jewish threat

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Alex and Jan discuss how they woke up to the threat the Jews pose to white people. Alex discusses in depth his experiences around Jews and why he dumped conservatism.

The History Reviewed Schedule this week

The topic of Rhodesia and South Africa is coming up a lot. I am preparing various videos. But things took a back seat over the last week as I worked on my website and related things. We’re about to resume a more normal programming schedule this week.

With regard to Rhodesia, there has never been controversy about the Rhodesian leadership. But we’ll have to head into the very controversial topics relating to Rhodesia and South Africa. One thing that’s becoming clear to me is that the full strategy of the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa in their desperate efforts to retain power – that the various things that we got up to have in many cases been kept very quiet. The exact dynamics of Rhodesia and South Africa are in many cases obscured. Also, we never touch on the German presence Africa nor the massive presence of the Portuguese here. So what I’ll do is jump between European topics and Africa and the USA. In all these areas you’ll find very important topics and facts which have been kept secret for decades.

I have a number of important videos coming up. Don’t miss: What Adolf Hitler said about the Boers! Plus there are videos Alex and I did which aren’t online yet. That’s also coming this week. Also, if you don’t know what the word: RAHOWA means, then you’re missing out on some extremely important WHITE EDUCATION which every white person needs! Plus, we’ll also return to Germany’s most dangerous philosopher: Nietzsche!