NWO: What EXACTLY is the NEW WORLD ORDER? What EXACTLY is the Elite thinking?

One of my excellent supporters was bringing up the issue of Jews being a "people of the law" … but then also the hypocrisy that there is one law for Jews and a totally different law for us.

So the race of lying shit, get their laws, while we have to abide by other standards.

As far as I’ve seen, Carroll Quigley is the only academic or intellectual who has described this new world. His main book was Tragedy & Hope.

I’ve not studied him in detail. But I have some very basic ideas about him. Here are some interesting links to him and quotes on him.



Now we’ve heard of George Bush Snr talking about the "1,000 points of light". Now WTF was that? What EXACTLY was he saying? Have others explained?

There are Bilderberg meetings which include also US Generals going there.

I’ve never seen the contents of these things.

We need to understand the critical arguments of the NWO crowd in order to get an understanding of what these Elite are thinking.

I notice that among Quigley’s quotes are: "Inclusive diversity". This sounds to me like "we need the Jews among whites". He also speaks of weapons, economics, etc.

In order to truly grasp what is going on, we MUST gain a true insight into exactly what these Elite scum are thinking at the highest levels, ESPECIALLY the Elite of the USA.

I am convinced that what we have are JEWS at work between the American Elite, the British Elite and then perhaps foisting their thoughts on the European Elite.


My suspicion is this: That the Elite it thinking in economic/financial terms and political terms. That they are discounting the military. That we are dealing with another form of Empire – but not an empire as the Romans or Hitler envisaged it. Hitler for example, was very impressed with the Roman Empire; and I too, think that should be the model.

In fact, I am CONVINCED that the Roman/NAZI model, for creating Empire is the key. Hitler I am convinced was going to a "Racial Empire". The Romans were, an Ethnic Empire that later had people pouring in and destroying it. But I am convinced Hitler wanted a RACIAL EMPIRE, where Germans were the elite, but he was preparing the way, via the SS to bring in the best of our race. Hitler was probably, in the long term seeing a "white empire, with much of its best people coming from Germany."

I am convinced that a RACIAL EMPIRE, let’s call it a "European Empire" is the key. I do not mind who dominates it, as long as it is a pure meritocracy. That is critical.

Hitler, for example did not let his nation be governed by businessmen/merchants/Jews.

I think the modern Elite, have, somewhere in their stupid twisted minds, been fooled by the Jews. I think they are imagining some concepts, which are in fact not true.

I think it may even be possible, if one has a strong enough intellect, to take on the Elite and remove them from some of the Jewish thinking.

I do not believe the Elite is 100% cozy with the Jews at all times. But the Jews are SWARMING AROUND THE ELITE messing with their heads.

We must therefore be very precise in our analysis about the Elite and Jews. Where does the one begin and where does the one end? That is critical.

I’m certain that in there, lies a secret. There ARE schisms that could be exploited.

The Jews might be willing to run the USA off the edge of the cliff, but I’m not so sure that all the elites are like that.

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