My trip to USA & Canada: Why I believe ALL WHITES can be saved from Jews…

[This is an excerpt from a message to a very solid supporter of mine. I will be in a position where I will be producing a lot more content, including videos and audios next year. Jan]
I’m finally getting into a better position to start CREATING videos and audios seriously again on a bit scale. Many of my things are in place. I have various problems and issues – but I’ve got over a lot of stuff. I even now have a bitchute channel. Someone helped me.

re: Speaking to normies.
This is a genius idea. Did you ever see any part of my lecture 50 years of race war in southern Africa? This is my biggest thing I did this year and I’ve kept it very much under wraps. I want to release it as a proper DVD people pay for. It is the one thing I’ve done that I want people to pay for. The most important thing I’ve done since I wrote my book. It blew people’s minds. Its a lecture I will always happily give everywhere. So it might apply to your normies issue.

I have been thinking about Christians and non-Christians in the white right. I have a particular idea, where I want to discuss this topic. But at the heart of it I’ve been pondering non-christian normies, who become liberals. I think there is something very wrong with the white right that we are NOT converting normies who are NON-CHRISTIAN LIBERALS to our views. We should be able to convert them in vast amounts – so why are we failing? We have mostly christians in the movement. So why are we not winning with the non-christians? I can handle christians easily. The christians here even allow me to post my views in instances where I actually go against christianity. And that level of tolerance is excellent. It is working. They listen to me, and I’m finally growing an actual on-the-ground following here. My stuff is spreading here like never before.

Returning to your idea. I would welcome the chance to speak to Americans face to face because I think with my unique knowledge of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe that I can show people things they’ve never seen. I can answer any question.

In fact, I have info and stuff about whites and blacks as they tried to stick together in Zimbabwe, that NOBODY HAS. I want to show people critical stuff … about multiracial situations and why whites in Africa just find it unthinkable to do what America is doing. Furthermore, I think America is making huge, bad decisions which will later cause enormous problems. I think ultimately Jewish/Liberal multiculturalism will destroy America. I think Europe will arise again and I want to see that.

I’ve got TONS OF IDEAS for things I want to tell whites here and also overseas, like the USA. There is so much to tell. Over here, I communicate directly and people are listening to me like never before. I have told them things I learned from my trip. BUT I SEE MANY PROBLEMS IN THE USA AND CANADA. Things you people must learn.

For example, one of the biggest problems and a HUGE WEAKNESS among whites is White Flight. It is dreadful. It is the weakest thing I’ve ever come across. I am also of the view that black success in the USA is totally faked. Your blacks are every bit as dysfunctional and fucked up as ours. Their IQ cannot be higher than the IQ in africa. No way.

But Liberals are destroying your people. They’re lying to you about the future and therein is where I have unique knowledge. We’ve worked with blacks like nobody on the planet. We know and have experimented with these people in every conceivable way. Good news is that Jews are also failing with the blacks.

But in general I’m extremely positive. My trip left me extremely positive.

If we could get to normies and find ways to convert them, that would be like an atomic bomb. I gave whites in America and Canada various messages face to face, and I really feel that I raised their morale and hopes. I had a particularly fascinating incident in Canada with a very angry Canadian. And I fixed that man.

I would be happy to give American normies a full on try. I’m convinced I can tell them stuff they’ve never heard before.

When I returned from the USA and Canada, I was totally convinced that the ONLY REASON why whites are Liberal in North America and Europe is because they’re lied to all the time. That in any sane white-on-white discussion, we would soon agree. I loved the Canadians I found who were woken up. They were awesome. Ditto for Americans.

Whites do NOT have a PROBLEM or a weakness in their heads. All whites are fine. They are just lied to EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. That’s all. ALL WHITES CAN BE SAVED. ALL – without exception. They just need some knowledge.

Take care,

On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 4:47 PM Anna Matkovic <crorunner33> wrote:


Wish you could come and speak, straight talk, no bullshit or skirting around the truth. That’s what I like about you.

Give me your bank details. I will do a transfer. We should have a conversation to have you come here and speak to the normies who are close to understanding that need to be brought over.
Shame I didn’t get to meet up with u when u were here. ?

One thought on “My trip to USA & Canada: Why I believe ALL WHITES can be saved from Jews…

  • 4th December 2019 at 5:58 pm

    Jan one thing you should cover is the desensitization of whites by the liberal media who constantly put out reports that whites will be a minority “far” into the future.

    This is an old communist, marxist trick to not get the whites into a panic mode. Its just boiling the frog alive.

    I did some basic maths on this, I can tell you right now Canada, US, France & Britain are ALREADY minorities.

    The big lie is that by 2045 whites in those countries will be minorities, this is simply to get them used to this idea by pushing the ball far, far into the future, so they think they will never see it in their lifetime.

    I have proof, done statistical analysis of this and it is a lie.

    Whites in those countries are already minorities and by 2045 will be the smallest minority of minorities.

    Its simple maths –

    in all the Western countries, US, Can, UK, France, 35-40% of their population are older than 40 years of age. That is they cannot have children.

    Those over 60 will be gone in 15-25 years, if they have lived clean lives.

    Now do the maths…

    If America is 70% white (thats what they say, I was there, its more like 60%) right now as of 04/12/2019 and you subtract 30% you are left with only 40% that could have children but that is 40% of the total population who can have children.

    If mixed marriages continue in those countries at this pace, then you can subtract 12-16% of that, which leaves you with about 24% of the white population.

    24% left of the entire white population from 2045 will be having fewer children. That is out of a population of maybe 400 million the whites will be 96,000,000 or less. Just like in South Africa, they will be forced to carry the dead weight & by this stage it will be open borders like never before, at this stage we are looking at Trump as the last white president the US will have for a very long time if he wins the 2020 race, so after 2025, no more white presidents.

    It is a giant lie, one can see through it with basic numbers.

    America will not be a minority in the future, American whites ARE ALREADDY A minority!

    Within 10 years all those born in the late 30s/40s will be gone, thats 10-15% of their population right now.

    They slowly brainwashed whites to accept this with the brainwash box aka television.

    Anyone thinking America or the West will be minorities in the future, has not realized nor done the maths, you cannot count anyone over 50-60 as the population, these people dont contribute to the gene pool in preserving the race.

    I believe in South Africa & the west the most detramental thing to ever happen to the white race is television. It has done more damage than good. It created a slob nation, obesity shot through the roof, all this feminism, ill health, can be attributed to the brainwash box.

    The Pentagon spent over $100 billion on movies since the 40s

    People will think I am crazy, South Africa is the future. No one can see it but its the last bastion of hope.

    America has too many liberals, too many non-whites, too many brainwashed whites.

    Europe is being invaded and they are the softest of the white race.

    Canada, dont let me go there. I dont know where to start, they are already overrun. Australia and New Zealand will be an Asian territory of the future Asian nations either Japan, China or India. NZ is already overrun in Auckland, Whites in New Zealand are already minorities and Australia hot on their heels.


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