My test article

Fred was here.

We had a good day.

I wrote this to the activist:-

The other big problem however, is that one is basically POWERLESS and you’re always sitting back and WAITING for our enemies to collapse. While our enemies indeed have many many problems, and this is one of them, the other is that the Jew is constantly, ACTIVELY preventing the COLLAPSE of our enemies. 

We could remain in this state for the next 100 years…
I used to place a lot of HOPE IN WAITING… 30 years ago… I’ll die from old age and we’ll still be waiting. 
This is a basic acknowledgement, a tacit one that we are basically POWERLESS. 

I decided to later send my reply to the activist to Alex Linder for his consideration. This is what I wrote to Alex:-

Hi Alex,

xxx was crowing about AIDS killing blacks – which I have no problem with – and its definitely not effective enough. (FW De Klerk made a big thing out of it too). The Afrikaners thought Aids would just slaughter the blacks. 
But see my comments below, because there is also a psychological warfare angle to it and that angle is that whites (especially Christians) are ALWAYS WAITING … and WAITING … until we die of old age.

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