My experience with BLACK HEBREWS NEW YORK: 2 Black Americans send some Jews to the Stars – My Comments

[I spotted this the other day when it happened but was too busy focusing on other urgent tasks so I'm only looking into this now. These were black Hebrews. I saw some when I was in NY earlier this year. Jovi and I were walking to the subway when we saw these blacks and they fascinated me. They were defensive and aggressive when I wanted to film them. They were very loud. I was fascinated by them. I had never heard of black hebrews. I was going to try to film them clandestinely when we returned from the subway later, but they were gone by then. They truly believe they are the original hebrews. Not that I care. Many white christians think the same thing. They were very intense and emotional. I never thought of them killing Jews, but hey, I have no problem with it. 

This adds to my own convictions that Jews will be universally hated by all races, even blacks, in the end. 
Here in Africa, especially South Africa, the blacks hate Jews because they HATE ISRAEL. 
It is my view that we whites must chart our own course as a race. And any conflicts we have with the Jews will actually work for us. More than half the planet's population will like us if we stand up to the Jews and better still if we nuked Israel. 

3 thoughts on “My experience with BLACK HEBREWS NEW YORK: 2 Black Americans send some Jews to the Stars – My Comments

  • 12th December 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Just a guess, but if some of our “self-chosen tribe” were actually taken out by these niggers, the whole world news media would be screaming HOLOCAUST and 6,000,000 from every TV, Newspaper, Magazine, President, Congress, Parliaments, church pulpits, boy scout leaders, and Hollywood sodomites. Since things seem to have calmed down already (except for the Orange Jew Trump), it kind of makes us stupid white “conspiracy theorists” think the whole thing was one big fat jew hoax.

    I can’t imagine why I get these forbidden thoughts, surely there is no precedent for this type of shooter hoax, is there? he he..

  • 12th December 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Many years ago in New Orleans, a “black hebrew” type zealot named Mark Essex held the whole city of New Orleans hostage for a long time, sniping from atop a downtown Holiday Inn (if I remember), and this single sniper took out some high ranking police officers, a few civilians if I remember, and he ONLY TARGETED WHITES, but the jews media kept that fact hushed. Jews media said it was white fault for keeping Mark disadvantaged by white racism. The Jew never misses an opportunity to make hay in chaos.
    The white traitor city/state officials started a campaign of anti-white vitriol propagated by the jew-owned Times Picayune and local jew controlled TV stations (Stern family, etc).
    Nothing new here.

    Beam me up Scottie…. we whites ARE dumber than rocks.

    Jews laugh themselves to sleep at night at just how naive we really are.


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