My Chat With Mike Walsh: BYPASS THE JEWS: Selling Advertising & items on our websites

[Mike has shut his website for now due to lack of funding. He and his wife are out of money and donations are too few.

In 2016, I had proposed to Mike a website advertising idea. I won’t go into the detail here. But I had an idea of how whites can bypass Google Adsense and how current website owners could support each other and make money.

Just before Mike mothballed his website, he did try the advertising idea. The idea he tried is NOT the same one as what I had in mind. I had a totally different idea to have our own means of replacing Google Adsense BUT FOR OURSELVES ONLY. It would require some software that we create ourselves. Its an idea I tested on my own websites back in 2013 onwards. It had potential. But I never could get anyone to buy into it. Its an idea that will help everyone. Its a small idea, but it will help everyone.

This is what Mike wrote:

On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 4:20 PM Mike Walsh wrote:

Hi Jan, The Russian Insider are brilliant… we get on fine with them. Yes, I don’t push the advertising offer much, perhaps I should. No takers as yet. But, I think €100 donation for three months high profile ad is ace. Sadly, you know the ethno-nationalists as well as I do. They couldn’t recognise a bargain if it leapt out of the river and landed on their plate 88 Mike

Hi Mike,

Very nice about the Russian times. I published the article on my africancrisis site. But I found the comments by one of the readers utterly fascinating. I am going to send it to Rhodesians.

You will still hear from me. I will publish your advertising offer. I’m working hard on customising my software on my site so that I can do more things faster. My goal is to launch my shop next week with what little stock I have. Then as I work on my shop you will hear from me. I’ll be interested in looking at listing some of your stuff.

All my money channels are BANNED so its a doubly difficult trick, but I decided this is the only way. When people want something, then they will be more creative than when they just donate to us.

People write a lot to me, but there’s just a TON of work to do, as I’m sure you know and one gets nothing for it. So I thought of this shop because I want to see how people handle that and if they will support more of us that way.

Google totally banned everything including advertising and I like the idea of selling advertising on our websites.

Who are these Jewish/Liberal scum to come and shut us down financially. We must find ways out, and that is what I’m going to attempt by using my new shop. I want to see if I can find ways out of this.

I have had tiny successes already and I’m sure with some more work there could be more.

I like the idea of us cross-selling items as well as advertising.

I have some ideas of things I think other whites must create. We must cut away from all this Jewish/Liberal control.

SINK THEM. They are as useless as the blacks of Zimbabwe and Africa. If the white man pulls out, THEY WILL COLLAPSE. Its time for us white males to stand up and show "the system" (the system they hijacked from us actually), the big fat finger.


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