Monday January 20th-2020 : A DATE WHICH LIVE IN INFAMY-A2

[I just got this. Jews at work. We whites MUST fight for our territory and our guns. Nothing else is as important as the guns. The Jews are trying to disarm whites. Whites must keep their guns at all costs. And even we in South Africa who have been partially disarmed, must make up for the lost weapons. Whites EVERYWHERE must be armed. Freedom isn't free. You buy it with guns. Jan]

Patriot News Alert

After Monday 01-20-2020 It will be known WHETHER OR NOT POTUS-DJT-AG-BARR IS :
ProRedFlag-Anti2ndAmendment AS it will be observed if they support the Pro2ndAmendPatriots in Virginia.

COMMUNISM IN VIRGINIA : Mon Jan20-2020 is a date which will live in INFAMY. As you Know; The slim Democrat majority in Virginia plans to enact vast Anti2ndAmendment Gun Consfication Legislation all over Virginia. They will endeavor to use the National Guard and the State Police in Virginia to carry out the bidding of Lucifer The AntiChrist And carry out GunConfiscation. The 2nd Amendment rally is scheduled for Mon 20th-2020 in Richmond. The 2nd Amendment Demonstrators are being told that no guns are allowed in the area where the demonstration is scheduled. It is known that ANTIFA will be present and like Charlottesville will bring fake Patriots with instructions to commit acts of violence as agents provocateur. The true patriots like in Charlottesville will be violently assaulted and those carrying out the assaults will not be arrested where as those Patriots advocating the Constitution and Bill Of Rights will be arrested is they attempt to defend themselves. POTUS Trump has taken no position on the 2nd Amendment Advocates in Virginia. AG-Barr is known to be ProRedFlag anti 2nd Amendment. He has done nothing with the DOJ to purge the DeepState Swampers. He has done nothing to investigate the Rosenstein Scoundrel, The Clinton Crime Syndicate, The BogusFisaWarrant Scandal by Obama/Clinton/Comey/Rosenstein, He allowed for the FBI arrest of RogerStoe. AG-Barr has done nothing to indict the Clinton Crime Syndicate ( RussiaUraniumOne, ClintonFoundationPayToPlay, ClintonBodyCount, ETC … ) POTUS DJT is known to be ProRedFlag/Anti2ndAmendment.

PATRIOT-MVP-POTTER : There is a little ray of hope however. One of the principals in the Patriot Movement is Roy Potter. He has been doing YouTubeVideo’s for several years. He is blowing the whistle that AG-Barr, TheDuramProbe, TheHuberProbe, The HoritzProbe have been FAKE INVESTIGATIONS. The AG-Barr, and DeputyAG-Rosen, and FBI-Wray have been BOGUS-DEEPSTATE Appointments … All equivalent to when AG-Sessions recused himself and appointed the Rosenstein Scoundrel to Appoint Mueller to do a hit job on POTUS DJT. POTUS-DJT should have by now : Pardoned General Flynn, Pardoned Paul Manifort, Pardoned Roger Stone, and others. Not doing so has damaged any who who sign on to support the POTUS TRUMP Campaign. The articles of impeachment should have been dismissed by now by the supposed Republican Majority as there was never any specified crime, nor was there any specified accuser. TheRINORePliCRUD-FAKETrumpers may rear their heads and side with the DemoCrats in the WitchHunt-Part2 Endeavor. After Monday 01-20-2020 It will be known WHETHER OR NOT POTUS-DJT-AG-BARR is ProRedFlag-Anti2ndAmendment OR is in Support of the Pro2ndAmendPatriots in Virginia. ( 420 Words +- )

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