Matt Hale update: Court Case to fight back for his 1st Amendment Rights


[I got this note from Matt Hale’s mother. Matt was jailed for having committed no crime and he’s fighting back from within the system using legal means. Please assist him. Jan]

Friends and Supporters: Matt did arrive at Florence on April 7th. This document was sent to the court on April 13th. Once again, the opposition made another error. Another note: I am still asking for donations for the second $5,000 for the court reporter. Matt discovered that in order to depose the 12 people he needs to depose in his civil suit against the B.O.P., the cost of the court reporter will be $10,000 rather than the estimate of $5,000 he originally thought he needed. Matt has to have the time to properly depose these people that violated his First Amendment Rights. Please help Matt! Check, money order or cash! Send your donations to me at the following address:
Evelyn Hutcheson
200 Carlson Ave. 25 H
Washington, IL 61571
Thank you! Ms. H

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