Massive Jews banning & Censorship across the Internet Social Media

The Jews are in OVER-DRIVE just trying to drive whites off the Social media at a pace like you can’t believe. In my view this is a Jewish counter-offensive regarding the victory of Donald Trump. They and the Elite must have realised that all these little efforts by whites were actually busy DEFEATING THEIR GLOBAL MEDIA. I’ve seen all sorts of youtube channels. Some of them have reaches in the hundreds of thousands of video views and others even were reaching millions. The Jews are busy sweeping WHITES off the Social Media.

Today I was notified that even my rather boring Pinterest account had been suspended! They are trying to sweep away the slightest thing they can find! I was hardly active on Twitter and Pinterest, yet they’ve killed those accounts.

What it shows me is that the GUERILLA internet activities of the whites have shocked the Jews and scumbag elite. They clearly thought they had EVERYTHING under control … but white guerilla activities had been beating them.

Today I heard from a friend who had been driven off Soundcloud and Youtube for her activities.

The thing to watch is whether can become a solid platform for us. But I suspect we’re going to be under attack endlessly no matter what we do. The Jews will be back. But its astounding the MASSIVE SCALE on which the Jews are attacking the Social Media. What this shows me is that despite the Jews having total top-down control of the Social Media for years, white men and women were extremely successful in penetrating those areas.

Someone told me that in December alone 285 Youtube channels were terminated. But I must say, when I see how many people have lost their accounts, I wonder if the Jews haven’t driven tens of thousands of whites off the social media?

4 thoughts on “Massive Jews banning & Censorship across the Internet Social Media

  • 21st July 2017 at 12:48 am

    Christianity only became a “problem” during the Renaissance when Kabbalalic mysticism and occult took over the Catholic Church and turned it into the Church of Rome.

  • 19th May 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Christanity was the original Trojan Horse that infected us with “love your enemies” an other drivel. It’s all Jewish filth and the root cause of why things have gotten this far and this bad. This Awakening would shine the light on the Jew although they’d have another lie ready. Telling people up front about this deception is I believe the primary measure of waking people up.



    • 21st May 2017 at 6:27 pm

      Hi Pete
      You’re right about Christianity being a serious problem. The issue is that we can’t change this on short notice. We can change it with the children however. But for the older people its too late. They won’t convert. But yes, its a very very serious problem that’s hampering us all.



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