Massive increase in Americans renouncing Citizenship? Is it true that renouncing US Citizen ship costs you money?

[I got this interesting message from one of my supporters. Is this true? And why is the law so weird? See the chart below at the shocking rate at which Americans are renouncing their citizenship.

Most importantly, I wonder how many of these are WHITES? Jan]

Received on: 2018-01-05 :-

Good evening Jan

Well it’s evening here in Iceland 🙂

I thought of writing you since you seem to have your head screwed on right *s* and always talk about interesting subjects

I came across this subject today and it triggered my mind a bit… did you know it is free or almost free in most countries to renounce your citizenship but in America it costs 2350$ to do so?

Well hope you find this interesting

Thank you so much for everything you do, I listen to you every day and will be supporting you soon

Best regards


One thought on “Massive increase in Americans renouncing Citizenship? Is it true that renouncing US Citizen ship costs you money?

  • 18th February 2018 at 5:12 pm

    Contrary to popular belief a USA citizen is one of the most taxed citizens in the world, local, State and Federal. The indirect taxes are the real killers even a hairdresser has to have a licence to cut hair! More cash into the system another TAX. So revoking your USA citizenship its just another tax except a big one because they don’t want to let you go! Thye hope this puts you off they want to keep a cash cow on a leash. The reason is because even if you live overseas you still have to file and pay taxes to Uncle Sam! the only other countires to do this were the former USSR they never got the taxes once they escaped! Another despot nation and Eritrea! Inteligent whites are those revoking citizenship. Take the British politician Boris Johonson he was born in the USA because his parents were there and could not get home to be born in the UK. Boris is always getting IRS demands telling him to file and pay income taxes plus gains on homes he has sold in the UK! He being political has said get stuffed! He’s British and was just born there by accident and never claims a US PASSPORT. He also calls it a draconian tax. The Irony is the USA claims it was formed on anti tax. While the poor British were paying 8x the taxes to defend America,WHILE they did not want to pay peanuts on tea FOR THE DEFENCE! Such hipocrisey and irony. Many movie actors and such want to escape but the caveat is they wont get a visa to re eneter to visit family or work there without jumping through years of burocracy and hoops. Never take USA citizenship unless you never want to leave!


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