Jews are freaking out: Anti-semitism has gone Global: American Scourge & European Problem

[I see that the Jewish scum are worried that Antisemitism has "gone global". They refer to it as an "American scourge" and a "European problem". But in reality of course, the only "European problem" are the Jews themselves. I am astounded that they call it an "American scourge". 

They are such a race of self-important garbage, that they of course are NEVER TO BLAME. 
The more I study history, the more I think that Jews are a problem EVERYWHERE. The Russians, in the time of the Tsars, were struggling heavily with this race of garbage.
But Jews need well-run states to feed off of. They need organised nationalist countries in order to engage in their parasitism. 
Their problem is that they suck the blood out of their hosts to such a degree that they are running out of places to host them. 

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