Jewish Secret Police: GOP lawmaker wants answers on FBI’s alleged Southern Poverty Law Center ties

[Its about time some of these questions are asked. Jews infiltrate and subvert everything. Jews even train the Police on how to deal with anti-semitism, etc. America’s Jewish Secret Police and Terrorists aka ADL and SPLC … its about time they were TERMINATED and put out of business by the Whites! Jan]

GOP lawmaker wants answers on FBI’s alleged Southern Poverty Law Center ties

 A Republican lawmaker is demanding some answers from the FBI after he says the bureau admitted to working with the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center.

In a letter obtained by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., says the FBI has “admitted to working with the SPLC,” in a development he describes as “surprising and worrisome.”

“This is surprising and worrisome, as the SPLC is known to use its platform in order to denigrate and disparage certain groups by labeling them ‘hate groups,’” he said.

He said that groups such as the Christian Family Research Council (FRC) have been labeled a hate group, while members of “Antifa” — a broad collaboration of left-leaning, anti-fascist activists — have not been given such a label. He added that Floyd Corkins, who shot an FRC employee, later said he targeted the group as the SPLC had labeled it an antigay group.

“The SPLC’s conflation of mainstream political advocacy groups with legitimate hate groups and domestic terror groups is absurd, frequently indiscriminate and dangerous,” he said. – READ MORE

The FBI has an “ongoing” relationship with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing nonprofit that once placed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list.”

That’s according to an exclusive report from Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, who broke the news on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday.

“Well as you already know if you’ve been paying any attention at all, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a fraudulent enterprise,” Carlson said. “It’s a left-wing political group that uses ‘hate crime’ designations to target its ideological enemies and to crush people.”

“The SPLC has repeatedly been allowed to brief the FBI on alleged domestic terrorist threats to this country,” Carlson reported. “Disturbingly though, the relationship is ongoing, if you can believe it.”
“Despite multiple requests from this program, the FBI has refused to describe the extent of its collaboration with the SPLC, we’ve asked repeatedly, or even to explain why it continues to work with a group like that,” Carlson said, noting the agency would only offer bland statements.

2 thoughts on “Jewish Secret Police: GOP lawmaker wants answers on FBI’s alleged Southern Poverty Law Center ties

  • 1st August 2018 at 6:58 pm

    This SPLC is smoke and mirrors, Kabuki theater. The ties with the ADL are the big ones, they tell police and District Attorneys what to do, have them visit Israel-lie for police brutality training, brainwash school children, and buy the Congress and State/local traitor politicians like a sack of onions. ADL is an agent of a foreign government, and NOT ONE of the scum in the Congress has the courage to even mention it. There are hundreds if not thousands of other jew groups that keep watch on EVERY politician, candidate for office, and I could tell you many stories about that. If you just look, when A N Y candidate runs to A N Y office, a jew will jump in and volunteer to do all the dirty work, raise money, empty garbage cans, handle the books, keep the contributor lists, and all the while gathering intelligence and blackmail material on the candidate just in case he or she does get elected. They have them compromised even before the election. I know of many cases of this, even in the campaigns of some prominent white nationalists that ran for office, and they were sunk before they ever got afloat. I know, because I was there. Jew networks would make ants and termite networks look like pikers.

    To get an ear-full, monitor the cellphone bands and you will be surprised what you pick up (it’s illegal though).

    EVERY congressional office has a jew on the staff. EVERY phone call in USA is routed through Israeli spy network, they do the billing for all the networks, and most if not all is routed through Israel. That’s one method they get the goods on the scum in the Congress, they have the calls and the records and know who is sodomizing who, usually even before they are elected.

    Yep, we whites really are dumber than rocks, goyim.

  • 30th July 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Why isn’t “the Republican lawmake”r in this very thin article about the SPLC named?” Clickbait!


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