Jewish HATE at work: Germany: Auschwitz book keeper aged 96 must go to jail now!

These news headlines from Germany are sickening beyond belief. But we must remember that Germany is NOT ruled by Germans! Merkel is a Polish communist Jewess. Germany has only been ruled by one actual German since WW2. Germany is basically a nation still under American occupation just as Japan also is. WW2 and its TERRIBLE consequences are not over.

This year I posted an article asking people to remember the whites who are in JAIL all over the world for standing up for our race. People like Matt Hale and Dylann Roof are a few I know of among MANY other whites. There are so many whites in jail in Europe and America and their only “crime” was standing up for their race. You can read it HERE. You’ll see comments by readers including people who ended up in jail after Charlottesville.

As for this German, he did nothing to the Jews and he was merely part of the German structures. But the hateful Jews want to keep whites down and oppressed and so we have seen 85 year old Ursula Haverbeck going to jail this year and now a 96 year old.

If you look on my website AfricanCrisis you will find that a black communist mass murderer and piece of anti-white shit, Mugabe is worth over US$1 billion PERSONALLY! You can read about it here: How did a black communist piece of shit get to be super-rich in a banana republic while whites are living hand to mouth, being driven out of their jobs, off their farms and other whites in the world who did not commit a single crime for self gain are now sitting in jail? This is a totally bent JEWISH COMMUNIST world I tell you. The White Liberals are pieces of pure dog shit. They are in with the Jews working to keep whites everywhere down. The Prime Minister of Canada says the most disgusting things openly about replacing the whites of Canada. Whether you live in the USA, Canada, Europe, Britain or southern Africa, one thing is for sure: Whites everywhere are being pushed DOWN while they’re being ruled by all kinds of white and non-white dog shit.

Isn’t is insane? Germany has been fleeced by Jews for over 70 years, and Germans are not allowed to rule themselves. But in reality that is how it is for whites across the world. Among the sheer madness that is out there, I was reading with disbelief today that blacks from Africa no longer have to cross on ships to go to Europe! Now there’s an airline that flies them directly there!

Its a Jewish communist anti-white world I tell you. No whites on this planet are free. The last free whites in Europe were the Germans and Italians. We whites in southern Africa may have been the last truly free whites on the planet – as insane as that may seem.

Civilisation, created by our fantastic race, based on proper laws is something that is being torn apart everywhere at a maddening pace. There is a *LOT* of HANGING and SHOOTING that needs to be done worldwide I tell you. Jan.

2 thoughts on “Jewish HATE at work: Germany: Auschwitz book keeper aged 96 must go to jail now!

  • 10th November 2018 at 9:04 pm

    Amazing but GEORGE SOROS that lead many Thousands of Jews to the Death Camps and stole all their Treasures and belongings, walks free and screwing up the World. Why has this Bastard never been arrested. He admitted on TV how he lead the Jewish and Other People to the Death Camps and BRAGS about it. IS HE SATAN????

  • 1st January 2018 at 7:50 am

    this is so fucking galling. first Ursula, and now a septuagenarian. all based on the fact that these people survived the jewish-organised slaughter of the german people, and failed to forget factual reality. that kike cunt, Merkel, tortured people to death for the east-german stasi, and now she’s running the country. that pretty much says it all.


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