Jewish filth B’nai Brith go after German-Canadian Alfred Schaefer – They charge him with Incitement in Germany!

[Just yesterday the Germans arrested Alfred’s sister Monika in Germany and now she’s in a high security prison! And today the Jewish filth B’nai Brith went after Alfred himself! Now he and his sister may be German-Canadians meaning that they fall under the law of Canada. But that did not stop the bastards from sending Ernest Zundel to jail in Germany for approximately 13 years! Now Alfred’s sister is in jail and she did nothing except go to Germany to listen to what is going on with Sylvia Stolz who herself is in jail for a lovely speech she gave in Switzerland in 2012.

It does NOT matter where Germans are born, where they live, or where they dare to state their opinions, these Germans are hunted down like dogs across the world by the Jewish filth.

Now B’nai Brith are a fascinating story themselves. The late President PW Botha told me that B’nai Brith rewarded the traitor president FW De Klerk by paying him R1 million for handing over South Africa to the black ANC communist garbage who now rule South Africa. The British historian, David Irving has stated that Jews from South Africa played a role in his own trials. These Jews gather globally and they gun for a single white person at a time. It is astounding how these pieces of shit can focus all their energy on one or two private white individuals and destroy their lives.

As I’ve heard from Germans before, the Jewish filth totally run Germany’s legal system. No German anywhere can stand up to the Jews via the German legal system. A German is found guilty and that’s that. These Germans don’t stand a chance. I am VERY WORRIED ABOUT Alfred. But all I can do is post on my website and say a few things. All of us whites LACK ACTUAL POWER to help our fellow whites, most especially the Germans.

The disgusting anti-White Canadian Govt of Trudeau, who himself is a piece of anti-white shit has said that Canada’s “old whites” must be “replaced”. In Canada they even tried to make a law making it ILLEGAL to criticise the filthy Jewish state of Israel!

Canada, being the Jewish-controlled country that it is, has no problem extraditing their own Canadian-German citizens to Germany for trial and imprisonment. That is what they did to Ernest Zundel when he had actually WON a court case in Canada against the Jews!

Now you have to ask yourself why it is that the Jews use the slightest opportunity to charge a German in Canada with “incitement” in Germany? My own view is that this shows you, deep down how frightened the Jewish filth are of Germans. The fact that the Jews will hunt a German down for the slightest bit of pro-German, pro-truth speech shows you that deep down the Jewish filth still fear Germans more than anyone else on the planet.

And as always the Jews use whites to imprison and control other whites. So we have to watch Germans being forced to find Germans guilty in Germany and to imprison them in Germany. Ultimately we whites must NOT do the bidding of the Jewish scum. No white must work against any other white.

The Germans are still on “death row” as a nation I’m afraid. The Jews still want the Germans DEAD as a nation. I did a video about this a long time ago about the filthy disgusting book written by a Jewish piece of shit in America, Kaufman, who said: “Germany must PERISH!” Yes, when a JEW proposes Genocide of Germans its apparently a GREAT IDEA! That alone should show you how utterly corrupt the Western World of us white people is. It shows you that ALL our leadership are corrupt garbage. I’ve had my own experiences with the rich of South Africa and I regard them as filth of the highest order and no white person must look to the rich. They are the biggest cuckolds of all. The biggest weaklings you can find.

We middle-class and lower-class whites are on our own I tell you. We will have to fight for our lives ourselves I tell you – EVERYWHERE! My video is called: “Video: When a JEW proposes GENOCIDE, it’s a GREAT IDEA! ” – you can watch it here:

I think it was B’nai Brith who also formed the Jewish ADL or the Jewish Secret Police of America as I like to think of them. They did this in order to defend the Jew who raped and murdered a young white girl. The Jews lie about that murder to this day – as they do with everything.

See the image above this article about Oskar Groening who also went to jail recently. He will die in jail, due to his age. The German puppet Govt run by the German-hating Polish Communist Jewess, Angela Merkel, is just throwing one German after another in jail lately. Its been a DREADFUL YEAR!

For ALL of us whites EVERYWHERE we must remember that we are in a FIGHT FOR THE EXISTENCE OF OUR RACE! Its that simple. Between us everywhere we must have only one goal, the survival of our race. The Jews clearly want to ensure that Germans never rise again and that if they cannot exterminate the Germans physically, that instead they will throw countless numbers of Germans in jail in order to keep them down and keep them away from true freedom. But the reality is that none of us whites are actually free, anywhere. We must however, fight for our existence WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE EVERYWHERE ON THIS EARTH! Jan]

Here is an article from the Jewish garbage, B’nai Brith, where they boast about going after Alfred. Its utterly sickening:-

Canadian Charged with Incitement in Germany after B’nai Brith Complaint

Alfred Schaefer (Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot)

German-Canadian Holocaust denier Alfred Schaefer has been charged with criminal incitement in Germany, after B’nai Brith Canada reported his activities to German officials.

Schaefer is the brother of disgraced former Green Party of Canada candidate Monika Schaefer, who was denounced by the party after B’nai Brith exposed her Holocaust denial video in June, 2016.

Alfred Schaefer is himself a regular creator of antisemitic YouTube videos, in which he glorifies Adolf Hitler, describes Jewish people as “parasites,” and accuses them of conspiring to eliminate “the European race.” Schaefer most recently addressed a neo-Nazi rally held in the German city of Dresden, and is also linked to suspended University of Lethbridge professor Anthony Hall, a promoter of anti-Israel conspiracy theories.

“Alfred Schaefer is one of Canada’s most prolific Holocaust deniers and promoters of antisemitism,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “We thank the German government and law enforcement for taking action to stop Schaefer’s clear incitement to violence against German and Canadian Jews.”

Mostyn added: “Canada must learn from Germany’s example in prosecuting perpetrators of hate crimes and bringing them to justice. In Germany, prosecutors faithfully apply the law to those who promote hate speech against the Jewish community – Canada must follow suit.”


6 thoughts on “Jewish filth B’nai Brith go after German-Canadian Alfred Schaefer – They charge him with Incitement in Germany!

  • 27th July 2018 at 8:07 pm

    The Bill passed by the United States Senate is HR 6421, the Anti Semitism Awareness Act of 2016. In December of 2017, it was announced that passage or further action would be put off until 2018, which is this year and after Donalld Trump would be sworn in as President. So it’s not hard to see what’s next on his agenda by his Jewish advisors. It’s said that his Jewish son in law pushed the idea to Trump to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. And some have said that the Jews have an agreement with the Catholic Church to give or share Jersuleum .
    I have waited and watched and saw no one who commented on this bill for a year and more. Neither Alex Jones ,who wants to be known as the leader of the patriotic movement nor anyone else.
    If they have and can brag of it, they haven’t emphasized it or promoted it to the public.
    So anti Semitism prosecution is here. It just has to be made legal by passing HR6421 by the House of Representatives. Its claimed to be aimed at the academic level which is a lie. The law has to have a beginning and purpose and then expanded into other areas.

  • 27th July 2018 at 7:40 pm

    The Jews gained control of Russia and many European countries after WW1. That’s who Hitler was throwing out of power.
    And the Jews took over Germany after WW11 and many other European countries also. And the Jews still control Germany today. Is it any wonder that Germany delivered Israel’s eighth submarine to Israel?
    The Catholic Church could put a stop to the Jews march to world conquest, but we have a Pope who is from an organization created by a Jew. so it’s not so strange now when we can look back and see how he came to power. It was no accident, but a deliberate plan . And this Pope calls for a New World Order which H.W. Bush said that they were working for and would be successful.
    And the reason the Pope calls for a New World Order is because he considers himself to be king of this world and the world under the control of the Catholic Church.
    Some say that when the New World Order is established, that Judaism and Jews will be eliminated. If so, the Jews are being allowed to be the scapegoats of this world revolutionary movement. We’ll see.
    The Jews openly flaunt their disgust and hatred of the White race and our politicans allow them to get away with it.
    We are living the Jews world. They control our money, economy, our news , movies, published literature and ideas like psychiatry, psychology, religion, morals etc. etc. They control our talk shows and news. They pair Black men and White women before our eyes on news and talk shows. Jews and Blacks tell us what to think and believe. Watch the talk shows and see how women are conditioned to accept the hosts views about topics and conditioned to clap in approval when the right thing or idea is conveyed.
    Just within the last few months , a so called discovery was made and given credit to Einstein’s theory of realivity. It seems everything is related to the theory of reallivity.
    It was just announced recently that a man was charged with a hate crime for telling a minority she should be supporting the United States. The Jews should love that .,because the Jews got their stooge to assume the role of God and declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    The United States Senate passed an anti-Semitic bill last year and it was put off until this year for passage in the House of Representatives until Donald Trump came to power. That is why the Jews are so bold at prosecuting those they want out of the way or to make examples of those they want to use as examples of Anti- semitism.
    Why isn’t any one talking about this bill? I don’t remember the number. That is the next thing Trump will pass when it gets to him.
    Trump seems to be the people’s man. News says his ratings are high. Wait for the news of the Anti-Semitism bill ‘s passage.
    Then see whose side he’s on!
    The Jew periodically reminds the Christian that Jesus was a Jew. that Mary was a Jew. That if it wasn’t for the Jew, the Christian would have no Christian religion. Well, the Jew’s god is Lucifer and whether it wants said or not, the Catholic Church preached for ages that Lucifer sought rulership of this world. And preached that the Jews crucified Jesus. But the Jews got the Catholic Church to put the blame on the Romans. And A Jew preacher who claims Jesus as the Messiah says that it was the Pharisees who hated Jesus, so he takes the blame off the Jews and puts it on the Jewish Pharisees.
    The Jewish encyclopedia also says that Phariseeism is still practiced today.
    I believe that hatred of Trump is an attempt to rile people up to see how angry we can get to possibly overthrow our own Government or openly assassinate our politicans in the future as was done in Russia. It ‘s said that only about one hundred ,believe, stormed the Czar’s palace.
    Our ancestors told us and warned us that to rule the world, the United States must be “llaid low.”

  • 11th March 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Jew filth is everywhere but millions are waking up to their lies and control of western governments and destruction of western civilization. The spawn of saten!

    • 1st June 2018 at 7:46 am

      I’m so glad to hear some whites are waking up. The more energy we can put in to this and the more whites we can wake up the better.

  • 6th January 2018 at 6:53 pm

    I’m German American…..and the holocaust is a Great Deception…..I dare them to come get me….filth of the world – bitches!!!

  • 6th January 2018 at 3:05 pm



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